Kehila News Israel Staff

Kehila News Israel Staff
The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua. The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua.

Local Messianic org, Jospeh Project provide relief, fun for kids living near Gaza

The Joseph Project partnered with a local humanitarian aid organization in Sderot to bring relief and fun to southern Israel’s residents who have been living in a constant state of tension due to sporadic rocket attacks and kite warfare.

Rocket barrage raises tensions in southern Israel

Israelis in the South were forced to relocate day camps to bomb shelters or close them altogether as nearly 200 rockets were fired at Israel in one day, injuring seven people and damaging buildings in the region yesterday.

Pray for Rain: Israel’s dry spell a five-year drought

Israel is is experiencing a five-year drought that is drying out several crucial bodies of water, causing a struggle for farmers trying to produce successful crops and having a ripple effect on the economy.

Israel plays key role in evacuating Syrian rescue workers

Despite hostile relations between the two countries, Israel led a multi-nation evacuation of hundreds of Syrian rescue workers from their nation, transferring them to safety in Jordan earlier this week.

PRAYER ALERT: Update and prayer request for Israeli evangelist Damkani

Read a recent update and request for prayer by Elisheva, Jacob Damkani's wife, as he continues to recover from a dangerous heart surgery.

New Israeli law threatens inclusive education parents fear

The Israeli Knesset passed a bill into law last week that many critics fear will severely reduce the rights and support of children with special needs — and possibly be in contravention of international law.

Israelis seek shelter during Shabbat rocket barrage in the South

Israelis in southern communities spent their Shabbat under siege as Hamas militants fired more than 170 mortar shells and rockets at Israel from early morning throughout the day.

Israel responds to persistent ‘kite warfare’ and fires in south

A steady stream of incendiary kites and balloons flown over the border with Gaza over the past couple of months has silently destroyed thousands of acres of farmland causing millions of shekels worth of damage over the last few months.

Experts: Major earthquake expected soon in Israel

In the last few weeks, several earthquakes and 30 tremors have rattled northern Israel — with four on Sunday alone — prompting concerns that a major earthquake could occur here in the near future.

Jerusalem Encounter 2018 – Building the living stones of Messiah’s kingdom in Israel

The heart and vision of the three-day powerhouse conference, sponsored by the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, was to inspire, network and build the living stones of Messiah’s kingdom in Israel.