Leon Mazin

Leon Mazin
Leon is the founder and congregational leader of Shavei Tzion (Return to Zion), a Messianic congregation in Haifa, Israel. Leon is the founder and congregational leader of Shavei Tzion (Return to Zion), a Messianic congregation in Haifa, Israel.

Open for prayer in Haifa

Leon writes, "Recent developments and dynamics of various projects, including our internet TV broadcasting, the music school, the ministry to the needy, and the Haifa Theological Institute have shown us that we are in urgent need of the Spirit of the Lord and the manifestation of HIS glory and power."

Prayer tower in Haifa

Leon writes, "I would never personally have thought of creating a dedicated prayer room. Therefore, when the phrase "prophetic studio" appeared in my mind, I knew that it must be from the Lord."

Melody of Eternity: A Messianic Music School for Children in Haifa

Leon writes, "The Rainbow of Sounds Music School under the umbrella of Return to Zion Ministries is in full swing. We have 45 students, many of whom are very talented. The school employs 11 teachers part time - some of them are believers, while others are far away from God..."

Before and After: Reading the Book of Acts through a Jewish Lens

Leon writes, "When looking at the Book of Acts through a Jewish lens, we see that after Pentecost, the Messiah's disciples did not cease to be Jewish nor did they sever their connection with the people of Israel."

The Gifts and Recovering Man’s Calling

Leon writes, "As we pursue renewed life in Messiah, it is important to consider the following questions. What are we seeking? Where do our hearts lie? What do we actually need these gifts for?"

Changing Attitudes of People Towards Yeshua in His Hometown

Leon writes, "Evangelism and good conduct, standing in prayer and growing strong in faith - this is what we continue to pray for that we may succeed in changing the attitudes of people towards the Messiah here in His home town where He grew to manhood."

First Century Phenomenon: Restoring Faith in Yeshua in Israel

Leon writes, "Two thousand years later, we, the modern Messianic Jewish believers, are seeking the restoration of the faith of our forefathers, the Jews of the 1st century."

Japanese Cultural Event with Messianic Congregation in Haifa

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of hosting a Japanese cultural event in our congregation. It was fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with our dear friends, who came all the way from Kyoto, Japan.

Haifa Theological Institute: Training and Teaching On Messianic Judaism

While the revival of the Jewish-Messianic movement in the Unites States occurred half a century ago, this wave reached the countries of the former Soviet Union only a few years ago...