N. J. Schiavi

N.J. Schiavi has lived in Israel for over 15 years and is a freelance writer for Kehila News Israel. N.J. Schiavi has lived in Israel for over 15 years and is a freelance writer for Kehila News Israel.

Bears for Hope: Touching the ‘hearts’ of Israel’s children

A fledgling organization based in Israel has a unique way of providing hope to children who are hospitalized and especially those with heart disease: through teddy bears.

Jewish terrorist who nearly killed Messianic boy seeks prison furlough

The Jewish terrorist convicted of nearly killing a Messianic teen with a pipe bomb disguised as a Purim gift is requesting a leave of...

After Trump’s embassy decision, Israelis rejoice, brace for violence

The president of the world’s most powerful nation recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, becoming the first country to do so in the 70-year history of the Jewish state.

Part 2: American Jewish millennials lost love affair with Israel

While research has shown that support for and engagement with Israel among American Jews has been waning, the Barna Group study confirmed that this appears to be true for young American Jews who have not visited Israel.

Part 1: Israeli millennials vs. their American Jewish counterparts

A poll commissioned by Jews for Jesus shows that 21 percent of Jewish millennials in America believe that Jesus was God and another 28 percent believe that even if he’s not God, Jesus was a spiritual leader or rabbi.

Messianic worship leader builds bridges between believers and Israel

Almost every believer knows the song “How Great is our God,” but when American-Israeli worshipper and songwriter Joshua Aaron filmed a music video singing those popular lyrics in Hebrew, his music — and his ministry — went viral.

Christian reporters call Israel’s media summit a success

Last week the Israeli government took a chance that the success of a few Jewish Media Summits sponsored by the Government Press Office and Foreign Ministry could also translate to Christian media.

Israel hosts international Christian reporters, galvanizes evangelical support for Jewish state

Speaking at the first of its kind conference for Christian media sponsored by the Israeli government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told participants that Christians are Israel’s best friends.

First rains fall during Sukkot

After several months of zero precipitation the first rains of the season fell on Sunday in answer to the collective prayer of Jews who, during the holiday of Sukkot, pray for a good rainy season during the winter.

Forgotten: Many Israeli students still without schools, services

Dozens of Israeli school children classified as “special needs” are still at home around the country awaiting school placement or the much-needed services for which they are eligible.