N. J. Schiavi

N.J. Schiavi has lived in Israel for over 15 years and is a freelance writer for Kehila News Israel. N.J. Schiavi has lived in Israel for over 15 years and is a freelance writer for Kehila News Israel.

Israeli charity sheds boundaries and stereotypes to save children’s lives

When little Yacob arrived with his father in Israel on Feb. 14 he was rushed from the airport to the hospital for emergency surgery. His and his father’s plane tickets and the child’s recuperation were funded by an Israeli charity called Save a Child’s Heart.

Trump asks Jordan’s king for help with Israeli-Palestinian peace deal

Just day's after meeting with Egypt's president, U.S. President Donald Trump enlisted the help of King Abdullah II of Jordan as well in his efforts to reach a deal between Israelis and Palestinians.

Israelis and the quest for a perfect baby

With March 21 observed as World Down Syndrome Day, the issue of abortion has never seemed more relevant especially as a new test is being rolled out in Israel making it easier and less invasive to almost conclusively test babies in the womb for the chromosomal disorder.

Israel’s David role in the Goliath baseball big leagues

The underdog Israeli national baseball team is off to a surprising start in its first World Baseball Classic, inching by South Korea in the team's opening game and clobbering Taiwan in its second game this week.

Native American couple visits Israel as ambassadors of indigenous peoples

On a journey through Israel as ambassadors from their tribe to the Jewish state, a Native American couple are connecting with the land, local believers and another “indigenous people.”

Trump: US will not dictate Israeli-Palestinian solution

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with American President Donald Trump, just a month into his presidency, and seemingly struck a new, friendly tone in relations between the two countries after an icy eight years.

Celebrating Jesus in the Holy Land: Arab Christians free to worship, reach out

Though Arab Christians in the Holy Land face challenges as a minority community many agree that they are remarkably better off than their brothers in the Middle East and are using the Christmas season to reach out to their neighbors, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

The coming of age of Ethiopians in Israel: A community at a crossroads

In interviews with KNI, several Ethiopian believers living in Israel told us that they face much of the same discrimination and stereotypical sentiments as the Ethiopian community at large, however, they said they are better able to cope with it due to their faith, support from congregations and the character they develop as believers.

Power-packed tour of Israel for leading Hispanic Christians

Some 450 influential Christian Spanish speaking leaders from 37 countries are touring Israel on a unique visit of the Holy Land designed to connect them with local believers across Israel and combat rising anti-Israel sentiment in South America.

Inclusion: Awareness of challenges must precede change

"I randomly came across the fact that yesterday Dec. 3, was International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Who knew there was such a day? I did not."