N. J. Schiavi

N.J. Schiavi has lived in Israel for over 15 years and is a freelance writer for Kehila News Israel. N.J. Schiavi has lived in Israel for over 15 years and is a freelance writer for Kehila News Israel.

Fulfillment of a dream: Ethiopian Israelis celebrate Sigd in Jerusalem

Rueven Bogala recalled sitting on his grandfather’s shoulders year after year as his family made its annual pilgrimage to a high mountain in Ethiopia to celebrate the holiday Sigd. Decades later, he observed the same holiday in Jerusalem with emotion.

All-Star Pujols visits Israel; Inspires children with special needs

Baseball star Albert Pujols and his wife Deidre, who is president of the family’s charitable organization, visited Israel for the first time spending the past week in the Holy Land.

Believers from overseas gather for prayer, worship in Jerusalem

Just weeks after the Feast of Tabernacles celebration saw thousands of Christians flood into the Pais Arena, 3,000 believers from around the world attended another international conference in the same location.

Trump seeks “ultimate deal” in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Just days after the hotly contested presidential election in the United States, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has already taken center stage for the upcoming American administration.

Women pick up the slack in flailing Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations

Where political dialogue has seemingly failed, thousands of women - both Palestinian and Israeli - linked arms and joined a march to call for peace, security and hope for their mutual futures.

Israelis give back to Christian supporters in Jerusalem March

As thousands of Christians took part Thursday in the Jerusalem March which occurs every year during Sukkot, a group of Israelis - who have been touched by this vivacious display of support - came out to express their gratitude.

African leaders seeking diplomatic and economic ties with Israel

Africa is no longer walking in lockstep with Arab nations' demands and Israel should use this opportunity to renew ties to nations on that continent, according to a political leader from Africa.

The Power of Forgiveness: One year after terror attack 

One year after nearly being killed in a terror attack, Veldman’s story is one of forgiveness and hope that propelled her out of a pit of fear and despair.