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Revive Israel Update – September 11, 2015

Short articles about: Refugee Crisis, Refugee Evangelism, Tikkun, Heroines, Aglow Global Conference.

Revive Israel Articles

Three articles in this compilation: "Spiritual Maturity - Don't Be an Accuser of the Saints" by Asher Intrater, "The Household of Faith" by Mikha'el Kerem, and "Sailing to the Same Destination" by Cody Archer.

Revive Israel Update

An update and collection of articles from Revive Israel in Jerusalem. The lead article is "Yeshua at Prayer: Tears, Shouting, and Godly Fear," by Asher Intrater.

Strive for Unity

Unity is always a priority for the kingdom of God (Zechariah 14:9). Working for unity is never easy. We must strive for unity. Here are a few translations of Ephesians 4:3 about how to keep the unity of the Spirit:

To Be Seen

When we put on our "spiritual faces", do we do it just to be seen by men? Yeshua addressed these attitudes.

The Coming Fullness

The Scriptures lead us to believe that we are moving toward something greater than is usually connoted by the word restoration. We are moving toward Fullness!

VIDEO: Revive Israel Shavout Invitation 2015

Asher Intrater is asking you to join Revive Israel for Shavuot (Pentecost) this year in person or through their live web-stream. The event begins May 23, 2015 at 10pm (Israel time) ...

Daniel’s Prophecies

Daniel's vision of the coming Messiah prepared the way for the Gospel; his visions of the end times provide the background and context for the book of Revelation. Chapters 7 through 12 contain 4 major visions: . . .

The First Split

Was the first division or split in the community of faith between Jew and Gentile? Or, was it between Hebrew-speaking Jewish believers in Israel and the Greek-speaking Jewish immigrants and converts?

VIDEO: Creator of Holy One’s – Worship from Ta’anit Esther

One song from the 12 hour day of worship and prayer during the Esther Fast (March 4th) hosted by Revive Israel