Rita Kontorovich


The time of God’s favor

Rita writes, "What does it mean when we say 'the time of God’s favor'? It is a phrase (et ratzon) found in the Hebrew Bible which has made its way into Modern Hebrew, though today it is used to signify 'the right time'."

The Chosen People’s Costume

Rita writes, "Have you ever noticed what “costume” believers are called to dress in? Romans 13:14 tells us to “put on” Yeshua; Ephesians 6:11, to put on the full armor of God; and 1 Peter 5:5, to put on humility. We are called to wear the perfect divine garments all the time."

Tu BiShvat with No Tree Planting

This year Tu BiShvat is in the last year of a seven-year agricultural cycle called shemittah. No trees are planted this year, . .