Shani Ferguson


VIDEO: Garden of Secrets

This stop motion music video is made up exclusively of almost 5000 still photographs. Nothing is video footage and there are no special effects. The song is "Garden of Secrets" from the album Garden of Secrets inspired from the Song of Solomon.

Seven ways Israel has impacted your world

Shani writes, "Ever since then, the children of Abraham’s grandson (later renamed “Israel” by God) became the nation through whom God chose to channel blessings to the world."

VIDEO: Sapphire Skies

Shani presents Sapphire Skies, an epic worship song blending modern and ancient sounds from Israel.

VIDEO: “Garden of Secrets”

Kingsschoolofmedia.com is a recently added website to the Kehila.com newsfeed. Although this video was produced in 2012, we added it to display this beautiful stop motion music video made up exclusively of almost 5000 still photographs! The song, “Garden of Secrets” inspired from the Song of Solomon, was written and performed by Israeli artist Shani Ferguson.