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Marty’s story – A Jewish new-ager from Montreal finds Messiah

Marty writes, "Even as a Jew I accepted the narrative that the Church had replaced Israel as God’s chosen people. I was grateful for my background because it linked me to how my own people had been used by God in the past, but it no longer had significance for what God was doing in the present."

Reach Out: Providing Aid to Our Community

Ever since the inception of Tents of Mercy, humanitarian aid has been a very central part of our ministry mandate here in northern Israel....

Tents of Mercy Newsletter -Oasis Volume 15, Issue 8

In This Issue: "What is the One New Man?" by Eitan Shishkoff, "'Fields of Wheat,'” "A Cliff, a Valley, and a Mountain” by Vakif

Oasis Newsletter – Volume 15, Issue 7

The July 2015 issue of Oasis, the monthly newsletter from Tents of Mercy Congregation in Kiryat Yam. The lead story by Eitan Shishkoff is "Intimacy and the End Times."

Oasis Newsletter -Volume 15, Issue 6 – June 2015

Stories from Tents of Mercy Congregation include "A Heart Connection", "The Blind Rabbi and the Brazilian Cantor" "Thankful But Not Happy" and more . . . ,

Oasis Newsletter – Volume 15, Issue 5

In This Issue: "Recipe for Revival" By Eitan Shishkoff, "Teen Desert Process”, "Virtuous Wives & Little Children”, "Tribal Passover Celebration” and more.

Oasis – Volume 15, Issue 4

The April issue of the Tents of Mercy newsletter includes: "God’s Faithfulness" By Hannah, "The Brownies That Changed My Life” By Joseph (a pseudonym), "A Place Without Noise” By Yevgeny, "Behind the Scenes” By Lyndsey.

Oasis Newsletter – Volume 15, Issue 3 – March 2015

Articles Include: "Life Rising Out of Death" by Eitan Shishkoff, "Through the Veil" by Guy Cohen, and "A Heart for the IDF" by Return to Zion Ministry staff.

Oasis Volume 15, Issue 2 – Tents of Mercy Newsletter

Good reading in this issue: "Under Cover Rescue" By Eitan Shishkoff, "Pillar of Fire” By Ivetta Kalish, "Standing on Victor's Shoulders” By Eitan Shishkoff, plus "Victorious as a Family” and "Youth Orchestra."

Oasis Newsletter Volume 15, Issue 1

Three articles and more: "Take My Blessing, I Have Enough" by Eitan Shishkoff, "Sowing Into the Harvest" by Eitan Shishkoff, "The Dream and the Tears" by Guy Cohen.