Terho Kanervikkoaho

Terho is a Lutheran pastor from Finland studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Terho is a Lutheran pastor from Finland studying at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Everybody blames the Lutherans

Terho writes, "A lot has been written in the forums relating to Messianic Judaism about the complex relationship between Luther and the Jewish people, especially concerning the last few years of the reformer’s life."

Messiah walks on water

"Why did Jesus walk on water? Why did he send his disciples to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, while staying on the opposite bank until nightfall? He could have instructed his disciples to wait until he had sent home the crowd, and then sailed together with them."

Insights on Sermon on the Mount

Terho writes, "During the past few years I’ve had the privilege to get to know two Jewish views on the Sermon on the Mount. One comes from a Jewish rabbi and the other from a Jewish professor... In this article I will present a few insights they offered me."

No Stone above Stone

Terho writes, "it seems that not only the New Testament but also early rabbinical sources record that something essential went “wrong” at approximately the time Jesus was crucified and resurrected from the dead. Both the Talmud and the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus record several events that predicted the destruction of the temple.."

Law and Gospel

Terho writes, "When a Protestant Christian meets a Messianic Jew, they often find that they use the most basic terms in very different ways and with very different meanings. This article seeks to clarify one question on which many Protestant Christians unconsciously mix two different ways of understanding two crucial words, while many Messianic Jews have only one understanding of them"