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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.


Parashat Matot: Family comes before business

"This week’s Torah portion discusses the topic of war. How ironic and sad is it that we, the State of Israel, are once again entangled in territorial conflicts, especially in Gaza."

World redemption

Daniel writes, "Let us keep in mind that the extension of the Kingdom in Yeshua to Israel and the nations will eventually reach this goal of world redemption."

For Your glory, Lord

"As believers, we have personal access to the God of the universe who can speak one word and heal us instantaneously, provide for us miraculously or create a universe for that matter."

Fake news versus real news in Bethlehem

Paul looks at good news stories from Bethlehem, and the importance of giving to your local community.

My faith transition to believing in Yeshua as Messiah

"Why? Simply because we are still here." Over the years I have had many people ask me what was it that brought me from Judaism...

Commentary on Parashat Mattot (Tribes) and Masei (Journeys)

Moran writes, "What is God calling you to? Will you trust Him that He has a better plan for your life, even if you cannot see it clearly at the moment?"

Honoring Saman Gunan

Asher writes, "Saman’s family seems to be of Buddhist background. Yet the example of giving one’s life for others of course reminds us of Yeshua’s message and the essence of the cross."

The mountain moved – A look at the weeks during the Thai cave rescue

Miriam writes, "I give Yeshua and the God of Israel all the glory here. I know He alone stirred the hearts of the rescue volunteer team and those like Elon Musk and his modern machine."

Seven ways Israel has impacted your world

Shani writes, "Ever since then, the children of Abraham’s grandson (later renamed “Israel” by God) became the nation through whom God chose to channel blessings to the world."

The test and temptation of accomplishments

Guy writes, "1 Corinthians 10:13 declares that hardships and trials come into our lives, not to break us, but to build and strengthen us that we might persevere and ultimately overcome."