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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

The Old Testament G-D of the Gentiles

Eric writes, "I cannot count the many times I heard the expression “G-D of the Old Testament” vs. “G-D of the New Testament,” as if there were two different G-Ds."

The real hypocrites

"Yeshua scolded people for being “hypocrites,” but do you know what he meant by that word? It’s not what you think!"

The Paris Flop! Our prayers have been answered!

The Paris Middle East Peace Conference ended up as a great disappointment to the Palestinians and a great relief to the Israelis. The closing declaration at the conference in Paris urged both sides to “officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution”.

You should still let America go

Aaron writes, "America likely will resume its traditional role as Israel’s best friend and closest ally following the inauguration of Donald Trump in a few days, but it will do so with drastically reduced capacity to act, regardless of intent."

A hall full of widows and orphans

Cliff writes, "Thanks to my wife, Marcia’s involvement with Yad Rachamim, a charitable organization in Israel, she and I, along with friends Elisheva and Yulia, were blessed to attend one evening of the event while expecting no more than to be guests at a quiet dinner."

A two-state solution is a three-state problem

Ron writes, "So, when the nations of the world seek to divide up the Promised Land, creating an Arab nation on the West Bank of the Jordan, understand it is not a two-state solution, but a three-state problem."

What does it mean that “All Israel will be saved”?

Paul assures us in Romans 11:26 that, “All Israel will be saved”. That’s quite a statement! What does he mean, exactly? Who is included in “All Israel”? There are four main views regarding the identity of “all Israel” in Romans 11:26. We favor the latter view, and will explain why, by looking carefully at the meaning and context of the words that Paul uses in Romans 11.

Mr. Obama, your legacy is secure

Dan writes, "The reality shows the Obama administration has been one of, if not the most hostile ever toward Israel... As the old saying goes, with “friends” like this..."

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Amir addresses the antichrist, one-world religion, Catholic Church and current events in light of Bible Prophecy on Understanding the Times Radio with Jan Markell.

LISTEN: Israel, the UN resolution and the long conflict

Shira shares her views and a historical and biblical context on the latest events in Israel.

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