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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

Chosen people, or myth?

Howard writes, "Those who would make the Creation account given in Gen. 1 and 2 in the Hebrew Bible a myth open the door for those who say that it is a myth that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people."

Drawing forth water with joy

Guy writes, "What we read within these verses refers to the Presence of God and the filling of the Holy Spirit. We need to go to the source of water with excitement..."

How to cope with turbulence and uncertainty, according to an Israeli soldier

"As true disciples, we are here to serve in God’s army – we are not civilians – and we are being trained to withstand whatever may come."

Letter to a thinking atheist

Elhanan writes, "Some very keen minds have been swift to solve that problem and, to avoid the idea of a Beginner, came up with the brilliant theory of multiple universes, from which this one exploded into being."

Hearing and obeying the voice of G-D

Eric writes, "One of the most exciting things for me to experience is when watching what happens when people I love hear and obey the voice of G-D in their lives and see the blessing and fruit that comes from listening to His voice."

Shine His light

Moran writes, "In order to be His light in this world, we need to crush our will in submission to the Father’s will, just like Yeshua did."

Compusure, persaverance leads to victory

Ron writes, "Composure. Controlling your emotions. Not losing your temper…all these things will help you find the grace of God when you are under attack or going through a trial."

Instrumental metal and the tyranny of direct communication

Adam writes, "The challenge is to know which kind of communication is needed for which situation. This becomes especially clear in art, marketing, and in building community."

[Israel Politcs 101] Who is Yair Lapid and his party called Yesh Atid

Chava writes, "Lapid is still convinced that he is the man to unseat Netanyahu, and part of the reason is his belief that he has clearly understood the many frustrations of the country’s 70% secular Israelis..."

A prayer request for Israel’s upcoming elections

Aaron writes, "I’m asking you to pray for an issue to become important in this election which so far is being largely ignored by nearly everyone running."