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Taglit HaMaayan – visiting Israel and studying the Bible on site

If you are planning, however, to visit Israel this coming year, here is something for you to consider. “Taglit HaMaayan” is a new program, launched by my local congregation. We are offering a special format that enables tourists to visit the land and study the Bible on site from great Messianic teachers.

Galatians 3:16 and Israel’s modern day restoration

Malcolm writes, "Those who see no biblical significance in Israel’s modern day restoration believe that Israel, by virtue of her rejection of Jesus, has forfeited the promises pertaining to Canaan made to her by God in the Abrahamic Covenant."

Golden rule vs. the Torah

How does the Golden Rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you summarize the whole Torah?

The Tanach yields treasures, even in its trivia

Hannah writes, "In other words, Messiah taught that even the most trivial variations in the Hebrew Scriptures are there for a reason, and are as enduring as the earth. If so, it follows that they can yield profound insights... for those with eyes to see."

Three priesthoods

Asher writes, "We respect the priestly elements in both Jewish and Christian traditions, and we recognize that the symbolic signs all point to Yeshua’s spiritual priesthood in Heaven."

A time to study

David writes, "Encountering Messianic theology—and Messianic believers—enhances the understanding of the background of the NT. As Jews, the Jewish believers often have the ability to reveal connections and insights that we as non-Jews easily overlook."

Why every Christian should care about and pray for Israel

David writes, "I believe that this is not just for the Christians who already have a burden for Israel, but I believe that it is the LORD's desire is for every Christian to have His heart for His land and His people."

Jesus is to Christianity as pasta is to Italians

Eric writes, "Pasta is Italian, bagels are Jewish, and chicken chow mein is Chinese right? Wrong... What does this lost history of these different popular foods have to do with Jesus and Christianity? The answer is simple..."

How the modern Messianic Jewish Movement was launched

Daniel writes, "The origins of a successful movement often tell us about the founding principles that must be recovered to see this success continue into the future in new generations. The Messianic Jewish Movement began as a mighty move of the Spirit..."

LISTEN: John 4: The living water

Rev. David Pileggi talks about the importance of Living Water with reference to the geographical location of the largest spring complex in the Middle East and it’s significance as a picture of the inexhaustible supply of pure water that flows from the Spirit of God.

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