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Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

To the fourth generation and the time of the judgment of God

Elhanan writes, "Is there an historical pattern that may be observed to each fourth generation? First, Israel itself was formed in the fourth generation: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes of Israel..."

Parashat Mishpatim – Exodus 21:1 – 24:18

Jonathan writes, "In these days, when the world is in turmoil and the foundations of many are being shaken in all sorts of directions, we need to know where our foundation is. Where is our base and upon what are be basing our lives?"

Commentary on Parashat Mishpatim (Ordinance or Statute)

Moran writes, "Sadly, many view the statutes of the Lord negatively, as it conjures up the idea of a burdensome law. Instead, I believe we can view His statutes positively, understanding that He gave them to us to not only know what is right, just, and good, but also to have abundant life!"

Sowing with tears, reaping with joy

Marcel writes, "Have you ever wondered why this topic is so important in God's word, so that both Isaiah and John speak of the day on which God will wipe away all tears?"

Seeking the kingdom first

"Yeshua wanted to teach His disciples to rely on God’s provision rather than their own frantic efforts. He contrasted them against the idolatrous, non-Jewish world..."

The moral argument for God

"Some ask: how is it possible to believe in the existence of an all powerful God when the world is immersed in so much evil and wickedness? The problem is, that if there is NO God, there is also no such thing as 'evil' or 'wickedness'."

On the outside looking in

Bethany writes, "Through these two experiences, I felt the Lord was speaking to me. You see, it takes faith and trust to be a part of the Lord’s family."

Zion alignment

Asher writes, "In the first century, the ministry of Yeshua and His disciples were very much connected to time and geography. But as the Gospel went out to the nations, over the past 1900 years, there has been little emphasis among Christians on time and geography."

Commentary of Parashat Yitro (Jethro)

Joseph writes, "I know that there are very few men who want to take advice from their fathers-in-law, but Moses needed this advice just like I need the same advice too. It is hard to be a leader that delegates authority in a healthy and organized way."

VIDEO: Pearls of Torah – Parashat Yitro the Sinai Experience

Rabbi Shapira with Dr. Baruch Korman for a special pearls of Torah to discuss the Ten Commandments.

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