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Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

The Old Testament G-D of the Gentiles

Eric writes, "I cannot count the many times I heard the expression “G-D of the Old Testament” vs. “G-D of the New Testament,” as if there were two different G-Ds."

The real hypocrites

"Yeshua scolded people for being “hypocrites,” but do you know what he meant by that word? It’s not what you think!"

What does it mean that “All Israel will be saved”?

Paul assures us in Romans 11:26 that, “All Israel will be saved”. That’s quite a statement! What does he mean, exactly? Who is included in “All Israel”? There are four main views regarding the identity of “all Israel” in Romans 11:26. We favor the latter view, and will explain why, by looking carefully at the meaning and context of the words that Paul uses in Romans 11.

Messiah’s new ride

"Does the kind of car you drive makes a statement about who you are? What does it say if you ride a donkey?"

Reminding God of His Promise

Ron writes, "When Jacob is coming back to his own land and knows he will encounter Esau, he becomes afraid and understandably so... And that is why Jacob prays. But he doesn’t just pray, he also reminds God of His promise."

LISTEN: Matthew 3 – The Baptism of the Lord

Rev. David Pileggi teaches on the historical and cultural relevance surrounding the baptism of the Lord. Whilst it is not possible to pinpoint the exact location of Jesus' baptism, he answers the "why?" and "how?", in accordance with Jewish custom at the time and ties this in to the continuing emphasis of a lifestyle of repentance.

Commentary on Parashat Vayechi (And He Lived)

Moran writes, "In this week’s parasha, we can see one of the reasons that we are to read the entire Word of God as a whole, rather than dividing it into two parts."

Thoughts on Parashat Vayechi

Michael writes, "It would appear that even though Joseph had forgiven his brothers—he had even acknowledged that their actions were actually used by Hashem for their very salvation (Genesis 45.4-8)—the brothers seemingly had not accepted that forgiveness."

Light “Ore” Skin?

Dustin writes, "What did Adam and Eve wear in the Garden? We know the LORD clothed them in an animal after the Fall, but did they walk around in the nude before that? Could they have been clothed in something before that?"

Parashat Vayechi – Gen 47:28 – 50:26

Jonathan writes, "We have our plans, but are reluctant to consider than G-d may have different plans that may not involve what we want or think is good. We need to hear G-d's word to us today..."

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