Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.


8 ways Jesus changed the world for you

Most of us take the Western culture into which we were born for granted, without really understanding where it came from, or how it...

If you are the Messiah, tell us clearly!

Eli writes, "This text is most often read as an instance of Yeshua’s general lack of clarity on the topic. However, the request should not be read..."

Apostle in original context (part 1)

Cody writes, "Have you ever wondered what the word “apostle” meant to those living in the time the New Covenant was written?"

LISTEN: Matthew 10: Deeper faithfulness

Rev. John Howanstine shares a word of exhortation on the walk of Deeper Faithfulness.

Lessons from Parashat Korah

Joseph writes, "What can we as leaders learn from this sad occasion in the history of our people in a period when the Lord’s presence was visible by day and by night, in a period that all of Israel enjoyed the daily miracle of Mana, water from the rock, and divine victory over Amalek?"

The biblical key to signs and wonders

Eric writes, "Yet with all of that preaching and praying and fasting the majority of our congregations still continue to exist in a spiritual drought of the miraculous."

Commentary on Parashat Korach

Moran writes, "It is interesting to note that some of the men leading the rebellion alongside Korah were the descendants of Reuben. Recall that Reuben was the oldest of Jacob’s sons, which meant that people looked up to him and revered him as the first-born."

Lazar target: What ever happened to Lazarus?

"Archaeologists discovered a first century tomb at Bethany containing Jewish burial ossuaries. One of the bone boxes bore the name Martha. Another bore the name Lazarus. Is this the final resting place of the man Yeshua resurrected?"

Excerpt from Forgiveness Brochure

"Having realized the magnitude of our debt, we can better appreciate God’s mercy. As those who have received such great mercy, it should be natural for us to forgive our own debtors whose debts are, according to Jesus’ parable, very small compared to what we have been forgiven."

Parashat Korah – Num. 16:1 – 18:23

Jonathan writes, "So how do we approach G-d today? Are we aware of His holiness - might our approach incur sin or guilt and, if so, what might happen?"

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