Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

God hears the prayers of the righteous

Joseph writes, "Don’t limit yourself in prayer even if you are a sinner and don’t take your privilege to talk to the Father in your favor and in favor of others, some of whom you don’t even know in person."

Should Christians study/teach on the the tribulation and the Antichrist?

Amir writes, "Bible Prophecy is to give you hope and security in the finished work of God. We know the end and we should be all about His business and occupy until He returns."

God, where are you?

"Do you ever have those, 'God, where are you?' moments? I have. And most likely, I will experience one again."

Torah and Gentile Christians

Eli writes, "The day has come. A special assembly has been convened by James in Jerusalem. Luke describes an impressive group of Judean, Galilean and Diaspora-based elders and apostles that have been persuaded that Jesus is indeed Israel’s Messiah."

Living under a curse of Esau

Eric writes, "The key to prosperity is in rejecting the lie of satan when he would tell us that in a moment of weakness and hunger we traded away an eternal promise for a momentary fleshly craving."

Are we “Christians” or “Messianic Jews” (and does it matter)? Part 1

Aaron writes, "By the time the First Century following the birth of Jesus Christ had ended, the movement which His earthly ministry, death, burial and Resurrection had given rise to had already spread all over the known world. But it had also already begun to fracture..."

Thoughts on Parashat Behar-Bechukotai

Michael writes, "Disobedience to the mitzvot of the LORD has consequences, for sure, but also has good results just as with the discipline of the LORD described in Hebrews..."

LISTEN: John 14: Let not your heart be troubled

Rev. David Pileggi notes that in this passage Jesus is preparing his friends for his death and what should his family be doing after his resurrection and how should they be living?

Parashat B’har/B’Chukkotai – Lev. 25:1 – 26:2

Jonathan writes, "Almost the last command in Vayikra as the book draws to an end, this and its companion two verses earlier, cause some confusion to the commentators."

Commentary on Parashat Bahar (On the Mountain)

Moran writes, "In these specific scriptures, God commands that the Land should have a sabbath rest. Why would God command a sabbath rest, not just for men, but also for the Land?"

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