Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.


Parashat Pinchas: Good jealousy and bad jealousy

"This covenant of peace was God’s response to Phinehas’ act, it was actually a demand for the zealot to move over to a heritage of peace and acceptance of those different from him forever."

Commentary on Parashat Pinchas

Moran writes, "I am amazed again and again by the faithfulness of our LORD and the consistency of His Word! Let this encourage you in your walk with Him today."

G-D’s irrevocable covenant

Eric writes, "However, many times in the midst of sharing about the miracle of a talking donkey, we miss a much deeper lesson that is shared in the story of Balaam."

Humility and spiritual warfare

Asher writes, "The first principle of spiritual warfare is humility. Whenever we notice we are in a situation of spiritual warfare, the first thing we need to do is to humble ourselves."

Parashat Balak: Prophecy is worthless without love

"This approach is not so distant from us. Sometimes we too think that we can “buy” a blessing from God, we think we can make “give and take” deals with the Almighty."

Parthenogenesis: Virgin birth

Elhanan writes, "A professor of a Southern California university informed me recently that the idea of a virgin birth is not entirely scientifically impossible."

Graduation Day

Aaron writes, "One of the chief reasons the Church of Jesus Christ is so ineffective in much of the world is that it has become a place where most of the people in it stay in spiritual pre-school, or at most kindergarten, all their lives."

What are you worth?

Eitan writes, "Deep down every one of us needs affirmation of who we are on the inside. If we are honest, there is an essential longing to be valued, esteemed, accepted, appreciated and loved."

G-D’s love and faithfulness

Eric writes, "In order to list all of the verses from the book of John that speak of G-D's love and faithfulness towards us, it would actually require posting the entire book of John in this article to cover them all."

Healthy tension between leaders

Cody writes, "In every leadership team there is always a level of tension. We all have different gifts, passions and ways we think things should be done."