Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

David – the comforter

Elhanan writes, "David is an example and an encouragement for us all who stumble at times in our human weaknesses and passions."

What is the real reason or purpose for life?

Richard and Faith write, "What’s it all for? Are we put here on earth for some special reasons? Does it have something to do with what we are here to learn while we are here on earth?"

Having done all, then stand

Eric writes, "One of my favorite verses from the Bible is also one of the most often quoted verses because it holds a promise of G-D’s deliverance and His mighty power."

First, redemption

Moran writes, "Our works will not lead us to salvation! However, if we truly understand our salvation, then we should walk in a manner pleasing to God — and not just pleasing to ourselves."

God’s heart in the last days

Eitan writes, "What is on God’s heart as history careens toward the climax of this age? I believe that the first thing on His heart is the lost condition of His human children everywhere."

Salvation will come from “another place”: Parallels in Esther

"That brings us to our original question. What other place? To what other royal family in Israel could he be referring?"

Moses and his father-in-law (Yitro)

"Have you ever gotten advice from that was clearly from the Lord, but came from an ‘unbeliever’ source? How did you know it was really the Lord?"

Some thoughts on persecution

Aaron writes, "Human nature is such that most people don’t place much value on something that doesn’t cost anything, even if it’s priceless."

As the days of Noah

Elhanan writes, "As Judeo-Christianity cools to a dying ember in the western world, extinguished by both corruptions in the churches and the ongoing efforts of the radical Left to erase the Biblical worldview from its populations, that vacuum created will quickly be filled with its antithesis."

HOW? … “All Israel will be saved”

Ron writes, "This is an important question because this is the way in which “all Israel will be saved,” and that is really important to me!"