Biblical Teachings

Teaching articles written by Israeli believers in Yeshua on a variety of bible-related subjects.

Mysteries in the Word

Moran writes, "This week’s portion opens with an interesting yet mysterious ritual, which is actually the entire 12th chapter of Leviticus."

Mark’s proclamation hidden in plain sight

Eric writes, "At the very beginning of the book of Mark, we read of a number of miracles that Yeshua (Jesus) performed. One of those was the cleansing of the man with Tza-arat (the leper)."

Revelation 1:7 destroys Replacement Theology

Ron writes, "There is a little passage in the first chapter of Revelation that throws a monkey wrench into replacement theology..."

Restoring the Tabernacle of David

Ariel writes, "In Acts 15, the prophecy of the tabernacle of David from Amos 9 became a pivotal passage for understanding how and why God was bringing the Gentiles into the faith."

Sometimes we forget

Eric writes, "My faith difficulties like many other people comes not in trusting what Yeshua did but in my putting too much trust in what I do."

Be holy!

Moran writes, "Have you ever wondered why God gave Israel laws regarding food in the Bible? In this week’s portion, we read God’s instructions to Israel with regard to the animals that they can eat and cannot eat."

Gen 1:14-31 — Days 4-6 of creation

Howard writes, "The Son of God came here to live and die as a sacrifice to cleanse all things on the Earth and in the heavenlies. And it is to Earth that He is returning!"

The great world revival will begin from Jerusalem

Richard writes, "I saw a great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit falling on many people who were gathered together in the ben Hinnom Valley and in the hills surrounding this Hinnom Valley by the Old City of Jerusalem."

Living at the crossroads

"Have you ever wondered why God brought Abraham from Ur in Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan?"

Yeshua isn’t coming back to Israel! What?

Ron writes, "The Messiah is not returning to the land of Israel, but to the people of Israel—to Israelis! What brings Him back are the cries of His people."