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Commentaries on the weekly Torah portions.

Commentary on Parashat Vayechi (And He Lived)

Moran writes, "In this week’s parasha, we can see one of the reasons that we are to read the entire Word of God as a whole, rather than dividing it into two parts."

Thoughts on Parashat Vayechi

Michael writes, "It would appear that even though Joseph had forgiven his brothers—he had even acknowledged that their actions were actually used by Hashem for their very salvation (Genesis 45.4-8)—the brothers seemingly had not accepted that forgiveness."

Parashat Vayechi – Gen 47:28 – 50:26

Jonathan writes, "We have our plans, but are reluctant to consider than G-d may have different plans that may not involve what we want or think is good. We need to hear G-d's word to us today..."

Commentary on Parashat Vayigash (And He Approached)

Moran writes, "Our lives are all a matter of perspective! Do we look at everything that happens in our lives from a self-centered perspective, or from a godly perspective?"

Thoughts on Parashat Vayigash

Michael writes, "One of the primary lessons to be learnt though the narratives of the patriarchs, especially that of Joseph, is that the LORD is in control of all things. I am not saying He planned for the brothers to hate Joseph or that the hatred would be fueled by Jacob’s favoritism. But, in His foreknowledge..."

VIDEO: Pearls of Torah – Parashat Vayegash – “The Jewish one new Man”

Rabbi Itzhak Shapira, Rabbi Bernstein and Rabbi Italki discuss this week's Torah portion. Why the word ויגש (Vayegash) is so important, and what can...

Parashat Vayigash – Gen 44:18 – 47:27

Jonathan writes, "Where do you stand on abundance? Do you spend everything that is in your wallet and then some, or do you limit your expense and consumption of the world's resources?"

Thoughts on Parashat Miketz

Michael writes, "Whether our situation is of our own making or just something that this fallen world tosses at us, we can rest in the assurance that the LORD, who keeps Israel will keep you and me as we continue to walk in His ways."

Commentary of Parashat Miketz

Joseph writes, "Take the example of Joseph no matter where you are don’t be an alien find a place where you can contribute and do your best job. After that just wait upon the Lord and pray!"

Commentary on Parashat Miketz (From the End)

Moran writes about Joseph: "His faith was not in the words that he spoke, but rather in the way he lived; he chose to live righteously before the Lord, even at the cost of the false accusations that followed."

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