Torah Teachings

Commentaries on the weekly Torah portions.

God’s glory

Moran writes, "This week’s parasha (Scripture portion) brings us to the end of Exodus (Shemot), in which God’s truly awesome glory is revealed to and dwells among the children of Israel."

Resting from the daily grind

Moran writes, "I marvel at God’s Word and the amazing wisdom and insight that it contains! In it, we find instructions that are relevant until today, and that enrich our lives when applied."


Moran writes, "This week, we read of one of the most well-known, yet tragic accounts in the history of the people of Israel."

Love compelling effective intercession

Sandra writes, "As we read and engage with Moses’ prayers of passion for Israel, we are escorted to the inner chambers of God’s heart. There we discover depths of friendship with Him that drive history shaping intercession."

Shine His light

Moran writes, "In order to be His light in this world, we need to crush our will in submission to the Father’s will, just like Yeshua did."

Something to look forward to

Moran writes, "A day is coming where He will make everything new; a day is coming when the fulfillment of that written in Exodus will be accomplished, when the Tabernacle of God will dwell among us for eternity."

It is really about love (Mishpatim)

"Let these words remind you that it is about love and they can help you to show more of the Lord’s love to your neighbors."

Protecting the “old”

Moran writes, "Freedom in Yeshua is not lawlessness! If we love Him, we will obey Him and His statutes. And we will know true freedom."

First, redemption

Moran writes, "Our works will not lead us to salvation! However, if we truly understand our salvation, then we should walk in a manner pleasing to God — and not just pleasing to ourselves."

Moses and his father-in-law (Yitro)

"Have you ever gotten advice from that was clearly from the Lord, but came from an ‘unbeliever’ source? How did you know it was really the Lord?"