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Another huge deal for Israeli Tech – Mobileye’s historical exit

Stefan writes, "March 13, 2017 will be forever recorded in Israel’s history as the day of the largest Israeli tech exit to date. The Jerusalem-based, high-tech company Mobileye is reported to be acquired by international computing giant Intel for an astounding US$15.3 billion deal."

Strong shekel, exciting year for Israeli stocks

Evan writes, "So not only was performance strong for stocks held in the shekel, but the shekel itself maintained its strength while investors’ cash and investments in other local currencies eroded in value."

Lily Pops – Israeli company take sports, health to a new level

Awareness of health and nutrition has been on the rise in recent years as evidenced by a growing number of health food stores, publications on this topic and a variety of new products directed at vegetarian and vegan audiences. Leading this trend in Israel are Helen and Eldad Sagi, a Messianic family from Haifa and the founders of Lily Pops.

Israel’s Credit Ratings Upgraded to A+

Stefan writes, "Fitch Ratings, one of the “Big Three” international credit rating agencies alongside Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, has upgraded Israel’s long-term foreign currency sovereign credit ratings by one notch to A+ from A, with a stable outlook."

Building a Nation: the Booming Israeli Real Estate Market

Stefan writes, "Israeli real estate is seen by many as a solid and long term investment, and there are may around the world, especially in Messianic / Christian circles who would like to both support and benefit from the growth of the Israeli real estate market."

Israel’s Conflicts Leading to Innovation

Stefan writes, "Once again Israel is innovating, even through hardships, and introducing the world to technologies and solutions that can benefit many other than itself."

Israel: Small Country – Big Impact

Stefan writes, "With over 40% of world Jewry living in Israel, it is no wonder that Israel is revolutionizing the world with a vast array of innovations and breakthroughs that are quickly changing our lives as we know them."

New Israeli Startup Helps Shoppers Buy Smarter, Faster

The quest has just begun for one Israeli startup that has created an innovative online community for shoppers seeking fashion, beauty and home products.

Wise Money Israel to give seminars on Investing in Israel

Wise Money Israel Founder Evan Liberman, and Business Development Manager Stefan Silver will be holding several important “Invest in Israel” seminars in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario, Canada to educate the Messianic community on the Biblical and economic foundation for investing in Israel. Check for the dates of the seminars.

Israel to host “Innovation: China-Israel Investment Summit” in September

Chinese investors in B2B, technology to attend conference; Over 500 Israeli hi-tech companies to participate; Ben Gurion University hosts successful Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference following creation of joint-center with Jilin University in April.