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Israeli Innovation – Changing the World

Can a tiny startup-nation less than 70 years old, with less than 8 million residents, change the world? Israel is clearly saying “yes”. An enormous number of inventions and innovations have come out of Israel in recent decades, more than from many larger, established nations combined.

NASDAQ Partnership-Israeli startup market?

In a recent interview given by the Vice Chairman of NASDAQ, Mr. Proctor describes the strengthening of cooperation between the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and the U.S. NASDAQ stock exchange.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Explained

Evan explains: "Investing in Israeli stocks and bonds is done on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), Israel’s single national exchange, through accounts at Israeli brokerages and banks. This is where Israeli corporations raise capital to finance investments and activities, and where the government brings the public into its companies as they are privatized. "

Profit from Israel’s Desalination Technology

Now, modern-day Israeli scientists are taking the little water we have – together with some Jewish ingenuity and the favor of God – and causing Scripture to come true. How can an investor profit from Israel’s prowess in water technology?

Investors Visa Arrangement in Israel

Interested in starting a business in Israel? Advocate Michael Decker explains the regulations of the new investors visa in Israel.

Microsoft centralizes Cyber Systems in Israel

From Evan Liberman of Wise Money Israel, Microsoft is expected to purchase Israeli cyber security company Islands for approximately $150 million.

Prudent Investing Weathers the Storm

Is there a safe place in the world to invest today? Let’s look at the numbers comparing Wall Street stocks with Tel Aviv stocks.

U.S. Financial Collapse Ahead?

I’ve received some calls recently from my concerned American clients (who are invested in Israel) asking whether the U.S. stock market, or the whole...

The Jerusalem Gift Shop

Ian Norton will be the first to admit he never expected any this. When he began the gift shop venture in 2004 he wanted...

Integrity and Giving in the Market Place

An independent investment advisor, currently living in southern Israel, shares his thoughts on integrity and giving back to society through charitable giving and philanthropy . "For it is more blessed to give than to receive".