Community Announcements

Bless Israel Network: A Messianic Jewish Voice from Zion to the Nations

Bless Israel Network is a media organization based in Israel. The programs provide a TV platform for Jewish believers inside Israel to have a voice out to the Nations and share what they are doing on a daily basis.

VIDEO: Sarah Liberman’s Invitation to Ascend Carmel Programs

Sarah Liberman shares some of the vision of Ascend Carmel worship programs, and makes an invitation to come.

A New Album for Messianic Jewish Children and Their Friends

What child doesn’t like stories? And what better way to teach our children about God than from amazing stories from the Bible.

The Book “What About Us?” En Español

Eitan gives a brief story of his time in New Mexico and his early experience as a believer in a Spanish-speaking church. He shares this story so "that you might appreciate how special it was for me to see the publication of my book "What About Us?" in Spanish."

NEW BOOK: “The First Hostage” is now available

"The First Hostage" by Joel Rosenberg is now available in hardcover, e-book & audio formats. Is ISIS plotting to kill or capture the President of the United States and trigger the End of Days?

VIDEO: “Taste of Carmel” Robert Stearns

Taken from Robert Stearns message "Living in the Throne Room", given at Carmel Congregation, Ascend presents "A Taste of Carmel", with Robert's insights into the call on Mount Carmel.

WATCH: Strengthen the Voices of Palestinian Dissidents

Jerusalem Institute of Justice also advocates for the human rights of Palestinians, which are being systematically abused by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other Islamic dictatorships in our region.