Family & Children

Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to family life including marriage, relationships, children, and similar topics.

Taking a life has become socially acceptable

Sandy writes, "In order to obtain a government funded abortion in Israel, women must meet certain criteria. Yet, over 98% of those who apply for abortions are accepted."

What being a father has taught me about God (Part 2)

Aaron writes, "I realized that I was making the same mistakes with my sons that my father had made with me, and I had to stop and think and pray about it. What I believe God was teaching me through these experiences was this."

‘Pagan’ Customs and Holidays

"When sharing with others, we often have to make difficult decisions. One example that comes to mind this time of year is Christmas. Every year, we get tons of email asking about Christmas. People want to know if it is okay to celebrate this holiday with their families. After all, Christmas isn’t in the Bible."

Are you truly grateful?

K.J. writes, "How much are we like this? We think we need/want/must have something that is not so good, all the while missing the blessing that is right in front of us. When we remember to bless the LORD for what we have, our focus immediately shifts from wanting and coveting to blessing and thankfulness."

Inclusion: Awareness of challenges must precede change

"I randomly came across the fact that yesterday Dec. 3, was International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Who knew there was such a day? I did not."

What is the Father’s heart?

Eitan writes, "The influence of fathers (and mothers) on their children is incalculable... God's truth is incarnational. He became a man in order to convey to us who He is."

What does Submission mean to me as a Woman? – Part II

Regula writes, "Saying Yes to my place as a woman set me free to completely fill the area God had given me to rule over. It freed me to become like the woman described in Proverbs 31: a goal-oriented, wise woman who knows her field of action and totally fulfills her responsibility there."

What does Submission mean to me as a Woman? – Part I

Regula writes, "I had the deep desire for my marriage to be according to God‘s thoughts, even if they were incomprehensible and far removed from me. I simply didn‘t understand why God, whom I had known to be a just God, could set up such an unjust order in which the woman should be the man‘s subordinate! "

Marriage and God‘s orders – Part II

Marcel continues,"Distance from God led to distance and estrangement between man and woman. In this distance from God all relationships between man and woman are open or unconsciously marked by a greed for life, because God as the direct source of life is no longer accessible."

What being a father has taught me about God

Aaron writes, "This is the first of what will be, Lord willing, an ongoing series of blog posts here at KNI about what being a father has taught me about God and His relationship with humanity."