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The Paris Flop! Our prayers have been answered!

The Paris Middle East Peace Conference ended up as a great disappointment to the Palestinians and a great relief to the Israelis. The closing declaration at the conference in Paris urged both sides to “officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution”.

A two-state solution is a three-state problem

Ron writes, "So, when the nations of the world seek to divide up the Promised Land, creating an Arab nation on the West Bank of the Jordan, understand it is not a two-state solution, but a three-state problem."

LISTEN: Israel, the UN resolution and the long conflict

Shira shares her views and a historical and biblical context on the latest events in Israel.

The Paris Peace Conference Déjà Vu (Part 2)

Hannah writes, "The upcoming Paris Peace Conference bears an eerie resemblance to its 1919 namesake, which sowed the seeds of conflict for the next century. Repeating that failed effort is insanity... unless peace is actually not the goal."

Trump, God and Israel

Shira writes, "There is no other nation in the world that could take America’s place in its support for Israel emotionally and financially. If America’s support dwindles, Israel will still survive because the Bible says so. But at what cost?"

Israeli vs. Palestinian Response to Misconduct 

Joni writes, "Many international observers, governments and political organizations compare Israel and the Palestinians after such events, despite the complaint that moral equivalence comparisons are inappropriate. But how does the rule of law stack up in Israel after a fighter is convicted of unlawfully killing an enemy?"

Congress backs Israel—Netanyahu says “Thank you”

Ron writes, "One of the first acts of this new Congress was to rebuke President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and the entire United Nations for their one-sided, hypocritical rebuke of the Jewish State of Israel."

Occupation and Settlement

Asher writes, "The reasoning goes that if we could only get rid of Israeli occupation and settlements, then peace would come. The issue is who is occupying whose land? Is Israel occupying someone else’s land, or is someone else occupying Israel’s land?"

The Paris Peace Conference Déjà Vu

The mess created by Western powers in the Levant was nearly solved by Jews and Arabs in direct talks 98 years ago... but a Paris Peace Conference torpedoed the agreement. This January the saboteurs return for an encore.

Can Israel be both a democratic and Jewish state?

The highly charged debate over whether Israel can be both democratic and Jewish represents a clash of Western post-Christian, Islamic and Judeo-Christian world views.

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