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NFL players visit Israel and draw closer to the Lord

Aaron writes, "In the natural, the trip appears to have been a failure, if not a fiasco. But the five NFL players and their friends and family who accompanied them on this visit clearly got closer to the Lord, and maybe that’s all God wanted to accomplish."

3 things Jews are doing to Arabs that will shock you

Ron writes, "God said to Abraham that His seed would be a blessing to the world (Gen. 12:3). This has come true—even towards our enemies."

Love conquers fear: How one family’s kindness broke down walls

Khalil writes, "On Feb. 1, I awoke to the news that a bus full of “settlers” had careened into the valley near the settlement of Ma'ale Levona... But in the midst of this awful accident, a compassionate Palestinian family, the Al-Azzeh’s, stepped out of their comfort zone to help rescue the injured on the cold, rainy night." Read about Khalil's meeting with the Al-Azzeh family.

Tu BiShvat and the Red South

K.J. writes, "To me, it is comforting that we have Spring to look forward to after winter. I love that God has set it up this way. Sometimes during the winter, we think that we will never be warm again..."

Tu BiShvat – A moment in Israeli history

Orna writes, "Sixty eight years ago this was also the festive and exciting occasion, when the Israeli parliament – the Knesset – gathered for the very first time."

In the Middle East “news” has become “opinion”

Dan writes, "When we watch, listen or read news are we entitled to get objective reporting? To such a question most might say yes news should be objective. In other words it should be unbiased, neutral, non-partisan. Yet is that what we are getting?"

Settlements: The truth, not fiction

Shira writes, "Have you heard that Jewish communities spread across Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) - some more than a century ago - but were destroyed by Arab marauders before Israel became a state?"

Good news for Israel as 2017 rolls out

Tzippe writes, "Trump also continued his outreach to Israel, saying he would restore the historical alliance between the two nations. On Thursday evening, Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity that restoration began when he was sworn in."

The Paris Peace Conference Déjà Vu – Epilogue

Hannah writes, "The unprecedented coaching and staging of this peace conference included writing the 'concluding statement' before the speeches even started. Yet the careful planning disintegrated into spectacular confusion, provoking ridicule and back-pedaling."

Should the U.S. move its embassy to Jerusalem?

Howard writes, "Christians who believe God that Jerusalem is the City of the Great King, from which Jesus will reign after His return, should acknowledge Jerusalem as being in Israel, and her capital, whether embassies are located there or not."

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