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The Netanyahu charges – character, hypocrisy and a million paper-cuts

Avner writes, "Regardless of the outcome of the elections, the judicial hearing and any subsequent legal developments, the Scriptures give us some meat to chew on about such matters."

[Israel 101] US embassy in Israel closes Palestinian affairs unit

Chava writes, "Is the closing of the Palestinian affairs unit in the U.S. embassy really the “final nail in the coffin” for US peacemaking efforts as stated by Palestinian official Saeb Erekat? Or is it an attempt at trying to combine diplomatic efforts into a more efficient operation?"

Israel’s unsolved rift

Cody writes, "Let us continue praying for Israel’s division to be healed through union with their Messiah. And let’s keep agreeing and cooperating with Yeshua’s prayer in John 17 for oneness in His global body..."

Is Israel a racist country?

Ron writes, "In order to understand why Israel is the antithesis of racism, you have to understand her origins. Unlike Nazi Germany, Israel never sought to create a master race..."

[Israel Politics 101] A Hopeful marriage – the Political merger between Gantz and Lapid

Chava writes, "Unquestionably, a Blue and White win would bring sweeping changes to Israel, likely freeing up Sabbath transportation practices which have greatly limited buses from running on that day."

[Israel Politics 101] Who is Yair Lapid and his party called Yesh Atid

Chava writes, "Lapid is still convinced that he is the man to unseat Netanyahu, and part of the reason is his belief that he has clearly understood the many frustrations of the country’s 70% secular Israelis..."

A prayer request for Israel’s upcoming elections

Aaron writes, "I’m asking you to pray for an issue to become important in this election which so far is being largely ignored by nearly everyone running."

[Israel Politics 101] Who is Benny Gantz and his new Israel Resilience Party

Dubbed as “an officer and a gentleman,” (JPost, 2/1/19) former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz has given centrist favorite Yair Lapid a...

Pray for renewed aliyah in 2019

Joni writes, "Not only is Aliyah key to the restoration of Israel, but also a sign to the nations of God’s holiness."

Why the US and Israel were right to leave UNESCO

Shelley writes, "What disturbed Israelis about the UNESCO resolution was that it made Jerusalem’s Holy Basin an exclusively Islamic prerogative."