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With friends like Egypt and Jordan at the UN, does Israel need enemies?

In his remarks before the UN General Assembly in New York Tuesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said the conditions for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are already known. The parties just need to "reach agreement."

En-Gedi: Springs in the desert

Reuven writes, "No doubt, if you visit the En-Gedi oasis today, hike its rocky paths and dip in its cool pools, these scriptures, as well as many other precious words of God, will gain greater meaning and significance, impacting your life as you walk on with the Lord."

Israel conflicted

Howard writes, "When you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the peace that David wrote of by the Spirit of God is the peace that is from God, not from man. The coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ will bring THAT peace, based on GOD’s righteousness."

A regrettable anniversary

Dan writes, "On the night of August 14, 2005 thousands of Israeli Jews spent their last night at home in the Gaza Strip. The following day was the deadline for all Jews to evacuate. August 15 saw those who remained being forcibly evicted by Israeli soldiers."

Gaza Border Prayer Alert

Reuven writes, "Join us in prayer for God’s hand to perform His perfect will; to nullify the evil counsel of vile and violent men; to minimize suffering on both sides of the border, and to grant decisive and overwhelming victory to the IDF should it go to war."

Winning on the Conceptual Battlefield – The Israel Victory Project

Recently, the Israeli Knesset passed a controversial law commonly referred to as the “Nation-State Law.” This law goes beyond practical policy charting the course for the future character of the State of Israel. And it is exactly in this symbolic conceptual plane that the Israeli Victory Project (IVP), a two-year old lobbying group led by Daniel Pipes, operates.

Walking in His peace – The southern steps of Temple Mount

Reuven writes, "While God is real and can make Himself known to anyone anywhere (as He is doing all the time), a visit to the Land of Israel does draw any person of faith closer to the Creator."

Response to Netanyahu’s statement about absurd criticism of Nation-State Law

Cookie writes, "The Prime Minister says that the left’s criticism of Nation-State Law is absurd but what is absurd is that he apparently has not been paying close attention to the “left” globally."

Another view of Israel’s Nation State Law

Lisa writes, "Being a follower of Yeshua, a concerned citizen and a member of a minority group; I had hoped and prayed that this proposed legislation would not become law."

Jewish identity crisis continues as recent Nation-State law passed

Reuven writes, "In case you hadn’t heard, there was a recent “Nation-State Law” adopted in Israel. So the question is, “Is it good or bad for Israel?”"