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Articles related to current events in Israel other countries in the Middle East region.

Walking in His peace – The southern steps of Temple Mount

Reuven writes, "While God is real and can make Himself known to anyone anywhere (as He is doing all the time), a visit to the Land of Israel does draw any person of faith closer to the Creator."

Response to Netanyahu’s statement about absurd criticism of Nation-State Law

Cookie writes, "The Prime Minister says that the left’s criticism of Nation-State Law is absurd but what is absurd is that he apparently has not been paying close attention to the “left” globally."

Another view of Israel’s Nation State Law

Lisa writes, "Being a follower of Yeshua, a concerned citizen and a member of a minority group; I had hoped and prayed that this proposed legislation would not become law."

Jewish identity crisis continues as recent Nation-State law passed

Reuven writes, "In case you hadn’t heard, there was a recent “Nation-State Law” adopted in Israel. So the question is, “Is it good or bad for Israel?”"

Casual archaeology

Being married to a lecturer of archaeology has a tendency to get me also out into the field, literally. These pots took my supervisor and...

The good and bad of Israel’s Nationality Law

Jamie writes, "For Messianic Jews this new law could prove highly problematic. Messianic Jews are already discriminated against with respect to immigration."

A tipping point, and a moment of truth

Aaron writes, "A corner has been turned, and the historic trajectory of this country has been altered. There certainly is an opportunity here, and frankly I think it’s a door being opened by God Himself."

Seven ways Israel has impacted your world

Shani writes, "Ever since then, the children of Abraham’s grandson (later renamed “Israel” by God) became the nation through whom God chose to channel blessings to the world."

What are you praying for when you pray for Israel?

Aaron writes, "Are you praying for the protection of Israeli soldiers? Are you praying for “wisdom for Israeli politicians” so they won’t make any decisions you don’t think God would want them to make?"

The prince of the air waves

Reuven writes, "You can expect that Israel will continue to be demonized and slandered by the mass Media, by world leaders and institutions because of the spiritual powers that deceive and guide them."