Israel & the Middle East

Articles related to current events in Israel other countries in the Middle East region.

The outlook from Mount Carmel

David writes, "It is nice to be able to be optimistic about the future, but as we continue to monitor the news, we see that all is not well on Planet Earth. Here is the situation the way it appears from the top of Mt. Carmel."

From 1948 to 2018: What’s the big deal?

Eitan writes, "Constantly in the news, grabbing headlines out of all proportion to her land mass or population, Israel seems to provoke an emotional response - either deep respect or deadly hatred."

Alignment with Jerusalem: The 70 year shift has begun (Part 2)

Sandra writes, "Thankfully, as followers of Messiah in Israel and around the world pray, some nations are changing. We should be encouraged to keep praying more, not less."

PART II : A Jew, a Christian and the Emperor – How a picture...

Shira writes, "By the strangest coincidence, a chance meeting of the Jewish leader with Europe's royal leader was turned into a massive media success that touched the political world and established a future State of Israel. The god of this world's centuries-long preparation to destroy the Jewish people failed again. God uses whom He will."

Gaza riots exposed

Asher writes, "So how should Believers respond? We must constantly expose the lies of militant Islam, in its satanic hatred of Israel, the West and Christians. We don’t want to demonize anyone—but want to pray for all those under the deception of Islam to be set free..."

Alignment with Jerusalem: The 70 year shift has begun (Part 1)

Sandra writes, "These signpost events were historic. As they took place, the local spiritual atmosphere seemed to suddenly, simultaneously shift."

Astonishing Jerusalem Alignment

Asher writes, "This week a number of events concerning the city of Jerusalem are converging together in an uncanny way."

Shabbat Shalom – The most eventful week in recent times is over

David writes, "The most eventful week in recent times in Israel is almost over and the Sabbath is about to begin."

Jerusalem – the joy of the whole earth?

Avner writes, "On Monday, May 14, Israel was the center of some powerful earth tremors. The following are some helpful perspectives on these events."

Is anybody getting the big picture?

Elhanan writes, "We have indeed woefully reached the epoch that Isaiah the Prophet describes... It is as the days of Noah. Better get on the ark."