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Articles related to current events in Israel other countries in the Middle East region.

‘The beginning of our redemption’

Stan writes, "Notably, the preacher and the rabbi had the same understanding of what the creation of the Jewish state portended: the coming of a Messiah King who will redeem Israel and all Creation."

An amazing seventy years, but challenges remain

Jamie writes, "Following the vote of Independence, and with that lengthy sentence above enshrined in the Declaration, the State of Israel became the world’s only Jewish and democratic state. Sadly, however, that democracy is now threatened."

A Dutch peasant’s thoughts on Palestine

Kees writes, "After living in different places around the world, I have gotten to a place where I don’t really know where I belong. I wonder if that is the feeling our father Avraham had."

The amazing “drama” just before Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Ron writes, "Only God could have gathered the Jewish people back to her homeland, and only God could have protected us these 70 years, surrounded by our increasingly violent neighbors."

Celebrating Israel’s 70 Years of Independence!

Stefan writes, "This week Israel will reach a massive milestone in its history: celebrating 70 years of independence. Israel’s re-establishment and its achievements over the past seven decades are astonishing and by far beat the odds of the cards dealt to it on May 14th, 1948."

The state of the State of Israel: The Gospel and the Body of Messiah

Howard writes, "What is God doing in Israel? What is the spiritual state of the State of Israel as she celebrates 70 years as a sovereign nation among the nations of the world?"

Israel remembers at 70

Elhanan writes, "As we come to the significant 70th year of Israel’s amazing rebirth after 2000 years, rising from those very ashes of the Holocaust, may the Guardian of Israel remember, for His own name’s sake."

Israel Remembers 23,646 fallen soldiers

Today, April 17, 2018, is Memorial Day (Yom HaZikaron) in Israel, and the nation remembers the 23,646 soldiers who have been killed in battle and 3,134 victims of terrorist attacks.

Whose right of determination?

Howard writes, "It is often said by even Israeli government ministers that we, the Jewish people, have the right of “self-determination” to be a Jewish nation-state. This can never be a justification by Jewish people for having our own sovereign country."

70 great things about Israel

In honour of Israel’s 70th birthday, here are 70 reasons to love Israel!