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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to any social, moral, or other life-related issues.

Skateboarding taught me how to be an artist

Adam writes, "What can Craig’s decision teach us about making art? And how can we, as artists (that means you, buddy) create a place for others to get lost in?"

Whiskey, start-ups, and the problem with transactional communities

Adam writes, "If you’re looking for real change – in your life, in your society, in the world – you need a community that has grandpas and grandmas, and babies, too."

Letter to a thinking atheist

Elhanan writes, "Some very keen minds have been swift to solve that problem and, to avoid the idea of a Beginner, came up with the brilliant theory of multiple universes, from which this one exploded into being."

Instrumental metal and the tyranny of direct communication

Adam writes, "The challenge is to know which kind of communication is needed for which situation. This becomes especially clear in art, marketing, and in building community."

Dare to be

Simcha writes, "Maybe it’s time to dare to be. Be who you are. Be who you’ve been made to be. Allow those gifts to be cultivated and crafted by the Master Craftsman who put them there in the first place."

An open letter to the ‘nones’

Aaron writes, "If you are reading this and you’re a “none” or if you’re considering becoming one, or if you know someone who is and you’re trying to counsel them, I offer the following thoughts for your consideration."

How I find beauty and truth

Adam writes, "Here I share my process of finding beauty and truth, of creating beauty and truth, and some of the beauty and truth that I found and created. Sound simple enough?"

I never left Judaism for another religion by believing in my Jewish Messiah!

Richard writes, "In 1973 God made the Messianic Scriptures of the Torah and the Tanakh come alive off the pages of the Jewish Holy Scriptures and into my heart with His divine Love, and every day, for about three months."

How can you not be Jewish if you’re born to a Jewish father?

Terri writes, "Isn’t it time that we returned our biblical heritage to its rightful owners – the fathers?"

Losing entitlement

Simcha writes, "Recently I walked through a very painful season of having to deconstruct many things I hadn’t realised I’ve been doing. I was disappointed, hurt, angry and disgruntled with God."