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Don’t let the light go out

K.J. writes, "January is cold. The winter holidays are over, and there is rain. Many people are suffering from illness, and the joy of celebration can give way to feelings of letdown and loneliness."

“I do not need to be in a congregation”

Daniel writes, "This statement is a representation of not only many young people today, but of even some older people who are in their senior years of disillusionment with congregational life as they experienced it."

The shepherd of Israel

Elhanan writes, "There is a good feeling in the shuk, a sense of our commonality, of our re-gathering to feast and keep the Sabbath again on the mountains of Israel after a 2000-year exile, as promised by the Prophets."

The Turning Point

K.J. writes, "I am not quite sure how it happened, but suddenly one day she stopped complaining and basically changed her mind. She decided that since she had to do this thing called the army for another year..."

Lesbian in a man’s body? Fostering gender distinctions

Daniel writes, "The current issue of "National Geographic" features a transgender child on the front cover. Indeed one of the most amazing phenomena of our day is the movement to destroy gender distinctions."

“We are all one living human tissue”

Just recently, Israel’s National Insurance institute published the annual poverty report (for 2015), which discloses that almost every fifth family in Israel is below the poverty line, and every third child lives in poverty. These are very disturbing facts.

God’s kind of religion

"In today’s culture, we are taught to care for the nature around us, but not to care for the stranger. In a capitalist society, we learn that the strong ones survive but the weak ones perish... But the way of our God takes us on an entirely different course."

Hanukkah in Israel

K.J. writes, "Those of us who are parents and teachers know that we are responsible for kindling the light of hope in others."

It won’t be cold forever

K.J. writes, "It's cold! Winter has arrived in Israel. I look out on my porch and I see the wind whipping the leaves on the trees... Why don't I turn on the heat, you might logically ask?"

‘Pagan’ Customs and Holidays

"When sharing with others, we often have to make difficult decisions. One example that comes to mind this time of year is Christmas. Every year, we get tons of email asking about Christmas. People want to know if it is okay to celebrate this holiday with their families. After all, Christmas isn’t in the Bible."

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