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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to any social, moral, or other life-related issues.

Losing entitlement

Simcha writes, "Recently I walked through a very painful season of having to deconstruct many things I hadn’t realised I’ve been doing. I was disappointed, hurt, angry and disgruntled with God."

New Year’s resolutions worth making

Aaron writes, "There’s two resolutions I’d like to suggest that we all make in the new calendar year, the first being to spend more time becoming familiar with the Word of God and the second to becoming more physically healthy and fit."

Living in the Holy City

"And while there continues to be traffic in the Holy city, my commute has become a whole lot better, because God used someone else to help change me."

My story of overcoming rejection

Ron writes, "This was my experience for a year and half. It began about two years after I came to Yeshua. And I needed it because I did not understand His gospel."

My friend is being deported from Israel for belief in Yeshua

Rebecca writes, "It is time to stand up to the Ministry of Interior and expose its discriminatory acts. I've had too many friends, too many family members, too many of us mistreated and persecuted, so I'm not keeping silent any longer."

Messianic Jews in Modern Israel

Thirteen years ago, loaded with two suitcases and a backpack, I boarded a plane and trekked from my birthplace in the United States to...

Passionately pursuing our purpose

Simcha writes, "Dreaming is not about wishing ourselves into another life. It’s about thinking outside, and bigger than the constraints of our little world. It’s about finding God in places that are outside of ourselves and our tiny perspective."

Pray for the mayor of Jerusalem. And Haifa, Tel Aviv, etc.

Aaron writes, "Local officials like mayors can make life really difficult for our Believing brothers and sisters, or they can do the opposite."

Rose of the Galilee

Cliff writes, "Marcia discovered Yehuda’s life’s work in routine fashion while browsing Booking.com, attracted by its enticing photos and numerous plus reviews."

Anti-Semitism: A Messianic response

"Whether Jewish people have assimilated into the culture or kept themselves to themselves in their own communities, they have been hated and persecuted wherever they go, and whatever they do."