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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to any social, moral, or other life-related issues.

How not to witness to a Jew

Elhanan writes, "It was a laugh that sparkled like pure water gushing from a fresh spring and bubbling over the rocks of a brook. And it had something to do with Jesus."

Dare to breathe

Simcha writes, "I stopped to think recently about the meaning of this, and how often I consider the power of the breath of God. There are many scriptures that tell us about the power that the breath of God carries, For example..."

A tale of two Christian Zionists in Jerusalem

Aaron writes, "Apologizing for declaring and believing the Words of Jesus Christ will not, could not, won’t ever, bring Jewish people, or any other kind of people, closer to Jesus Christ."

How to share Jesus with Israelis you meet

"If knowing Jesus has changed your life, the chances are that you will want to help others see how wonderful He is too. Perhaps you have come across Israelis where you live?"

How about calling them pre-believers?

Carolyn writes, "So I’ve reached the conclusion that we, the Body of Messiah, have mislabeled many who are hungry for something to fill that spiritual vacuum in their lives."

Forever young

Eitan writes, "The Scriptures are not silent on the meaning and value of our "sunset years". In fact, there are clear clues for living richly even as our physique might be sagging."

Dare to move

Simcha writes, "It occurred to me recently how so many of us are essentially sleepwalking. We go through life, without really participating in it."

Israeli law allows refusal of entry to Israel due to missionary activity

Joshua writes, "It is important to be informed on this subject, particularly as it relates to alleged missionaries, an accusation which is almost always directed at Messianic Jews or Christians."


Elhanan writes, "That final letter is now being grafted back onto Yeshu and becoming Yeshua, the Hebrew word for salvation, and eyes are opening to see Him who is our very Jewish brother and King."

Who am I? Identity in Messiah

Wendy writes, "Identity is at the core of our essence. Who am I? Where did I come from and where am I going? What is my purpose and do I have a destiny? Can I influence the fulfilment of my destiny?"