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Are we “Christians” or “Messianic Jews” (and does it matter?) Part 2

Aaron writes, "If you forget everything else you read here, remember this one thing. If you spend more time talking about how you’re “not Christian” than you do talking about how the Lord died to redeem you from your sins, then you’re doing it wrong."

Messianic self-defense 101

Tamar writes, "I would like to share with you what I've gleaned from that conversation. It is imperative to any Jewish believer in Yeshua to know the tactics that anti-missionaries use to plant seeds of doubt..."

When the Messiah comes – A story hitchhiking

Carolyn writes, "Recently I was led to read the story of Samson and Delilah so I was a bit on guard that day, since the message is one of betrayal. Later, while hitchhiking to Tsfat, an elderly Chabbad rabbi pulled over to pick me up..."

That’s it! From now on I’m really stopping! The trap of pornography

Baruch writes, "Did you know that the problem of pornography affects not only new or "weak" believers but also mature disciples and leaders in both the global and local body?"

Slice of life in Israel

K.J. writes, "It wasn't altogether surprising to discover that after having lived and worked as a teacher for sixteen years in this place, that I didn't actually have a license."

How has the image of Messianic Jews in Israel changed in the last 37...

Lea writes, "Not a few Messianic Jews in Israel today have encountered discrimination and injustice from individuals in society, the media, or the government. For this article, Israeli newspaper articles from 1979 until 2016 were analyzed with the focus on the depiction of believers in the media."

Live on purpose

Bethany writes, "In whatever area you find yourself struggling, I encourage you to do something about it today. Push away the distractions, and take the time to think through and process that “thing” that is bothering you."

Home meetings: The only real hope for the Body of Messiah

Eric writes, "It is true that the only real hope we have of reaching the current generation of seekers as well as the generations that will follow is to focus on home meetings as the primary source of outreach and the community building."

Yizkor the forgotten

Orna writes, We are called to remember these people, and this is the meaning of the word “Yizkor”. I am constantly amazed at the way these survivors chose life, although at times, death could have been a much easier solution."

Stop doing Lucifer’s job for him

Aaron writes, "But there’s something else that also goes on at this time of year, as these two holidays have become a point of often fierce acrimony among Believers especially if, like in 2017, the dates for Easter and Passover coincide."

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