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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to any social, moral, or other life-related issues.

You need to find your bean field

Aaron writes, "So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little story and I hope that it inspires you to find the place where God wants you, and when you find that place, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it might be..."

The virus of being offended

Yosef writes, "During my forty six years as a believer I have noticed that within the body of Yeshua’s followers there has been a rampant and constant outbreak of 'the virus of being offended'.”

Blind obedience

Simcha writes, "Blind obedience is hard for humans, because we're programed to need or want more information, and we don't like trusting when we don't have it."

Weddings in Israel – A guide for the perplexed

K.J. writes, "Since many of our friends from the Messianic community are from out of the country, some have asked how much or what to give. Is a gift proper or a check? What are they to expect at the wedding? How are they to behave?"

Yeshua heals five out of five in Jerusalem hotel!

Ron writes, "Last week was an amazing week. It all started several months ago when two Israeli believers were inspired by YouTube videos of Todd White."

It’s time for a change – Messianic Jewish immigration to Israel

Jamie writes, "Now, whether applying for immigration to Israel questions are asked whether the applicant is a Messianic Jew or attends a Messianic Jewish congregation. If they answer yes, they are blocked from immigrating... It is shocking discrimination."

I will fear no evil

Shimon writes, "Life in Israel is always filled with adventure: unexpected beauty, belly laughs, and the more than occasional sense of danger... War and rumors of wars are part of our daily life, but we are resilient in a way that refuses to let such chaos interfere too greatly."

Refusing to love the truth

Daniel writes, "For the last few years, I have been trying to grasp why it is that so many young people in the West are being lost from our faith. This is also happening in Messianic Judaism, and to a degree also in Israel."

Are we “Christians” or “Messianic Jews” (and does it matter?) Part 2

Aaron writes, "If you forget everything else you read here, remember this one thing. If you spend more time talking about how you’re “not Christian” than you do talking about how the Lord died to redeem you from your sins, then you’re doing it wrong."

Messianic self-defense 101

Tamar writes, "I would like to share with you what I've gleaned from that conversation. It is imperative to any Jewish believer in Yeshua to know the tactics that anti-missionaries use to plant seeds of doubt..."