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Choosing to Answer His Call

Ephraim writes, "The Bible shows heroes of faith, in whom we can see the prototype of our Savior Messiah. Through a Jewish woman named Hadassah (Queen Esther) He brought salvation to the Jewish people. All things are possible for God."

Seeking the Presence of the Lord with a Pure Heart

Pre-order a copy of Sarah Liberman's newest album "A Pure Heart" and you'll be eligible for one of two free sponsorships to Ascend Carmel's 10-Day program.

Pursuing God’s Fire: A Review of “I Am Before You”

Joe writes, "Sarah Liberman’s album “I Am Before You” is a gem. It portrays a worship journey, spanning from antiquity to modernity. Included are songs sung in Hebrew and English with many opportunities for the worshipper to sing his or her own song to the Lord throughout the disc."

Old Sounds, New Vibes, and A Coming Hope: A Review of the Album “Hu...

With the busyness of everyday life, it is easy to overlook this amazing reality that one day, we will meet Yeshua face to face. “Hu Yavo” (“He Will Come”), Joshua Aaron’s latest album, puts His Second Coming in the spotlight.

Revealing the Messiah: A Review of Album “Just Like Joseph”

Someone once said that Carolyn Hyde’s latest CD, “Just Like Joseph”, is better than coffee because of the high energy and diversity of the repertoire on the disc.

Being in His Presence: A Review of the Album “Ana Elech”

Joe writes, "If one word could describe Birgitta Veksler’s new album, 'Ana Elech', it would be, 'diverse'. Such diversity, though, does not distract from the heartfelt worship on the disc."

Coming to Yeshua: A Review of the Album “Bou Elav”

Joe reviews the new Hebrew worship album Bou Elav, which was written and performed by the brother-sister duo, Eli and Rachel Haitov.