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Blog articles written by Israeli believers, and sometimes guest contributors from other countries, related to a variety of topics such as world events, Israeli politics, life in Israel, family and children, tourism, and biblical teachings.

The unexpected significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

"It was November, 1947. The learned professor studied the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls to try and ascertain if they were as important as he dared to suspect."

The light of the world (Chanukah)

"One of my favorite things to do during Chanukah is taking a walk in the “older’ neighborhoods of Jerusalem. One of the customs is to put the Chanukah lights in a place where it is visible to those who pass by."

His perfect plan

PARASHAT VAYEISHEV (AND HE DWELT) BERESHEET (GENESIS) 37:1–40:23 This week’s reading brings us to some very rich and important passages; we learn of the story of...

Has Amazon-UK gone BDS?

Hannah writes, "London’s retail giant repeatedly refused my DVD order, citing vague “delivery restrictions.” A service blunder, or a secret boycott? After 10 days, Customer Service reps are still dodging the question."

Old Jew/New Jew

Elhanan writes, "And the New and Old evolve together, awaiting revelation of the veiled Face, and salvation of the New-Old Jew awaiting them both in the New-Old Jerusalem, like Joseph their older brother."

Heaven’s King and Great High Priest, Melchi Zedek

Richard writes, "Yeshua would come to earth in a Body prepared for Him, through the virgin, the fulfillment of the two families of king David and high priest Zadok of Aaron."

Some thoughts on the BDS Movement

Aaron writes, "It can safely be said that the economic aspect of the BDS movement has been a colossal failure. The moral impact has also, from where I’m sitting, been a failure."

Anyone can study the Bible this way

Daniel writes, "When people “pick and choose” their passages and verses to develop doctrine they can arrive at very odd conclusions."

There is deliverence on Mount Zion (VeYislach)

"Unlike most of the other prophets Obadiah doesn’t encourage the people to repent. He brings his message as a matter of fact."

Lessons from the life of Jacob

Eric writes, "Like Peter we find Jacob having similar faith battles. One example of this is Jacob deceiving his father in stealing Esau’s blessing. Jacob was trying to bring about a prophecy through his own abilities."