Israel Tours

Information about upcoming tours to Israel.


Young Adults Israel Tour

Behold Israel is offering young adults a unique experience in Israel on May 25- June 3, 2017 to broaden their understanding, deepen their faith and strengthen their trust in God and His word.

Jerusalem’s 50th Birthday Israel Tour – April 20-30, 2017

Elana and I have created a hand-crafted, unique experience for believers who don’t want to simply see where Yeshua walked, as amazing as that is, but also want to meet the living stones of Israel—to see where HE IS WALKING TODAY!

VIDEO: Winter Discipleship Intensive

This winter from December 1, 2016 – January 25, 2017, there will be an 8-week discipleship intensive hosted by our friends at the Jerusalem Hills Inn for English-speaking believers of all ages.

Baruch haBa Tour (May 9-18, 2017): Come, Help on this Battlefront

Eitan writes, "We want to invite you to join us for a short stint at the central global battlefront, here in Israel, for a week and a half of spiritual warfare, while at the same time we can get a chance to know each other as 'comrades in arms'."

Young Adults Israel Tour

Behold Israel will have a Young Adults Israel Tour in May 2017, for ages 18-26

Unique Israel Tour: Enabling the Disabled

Most Believers have always wanted to walk where Jesus walked. Many have gone and returned with amazing experiences to share. But, for those who live in a wheelchair or with a walker, crutches or even a walking stick, such a life-changing tour has always seemed something to only dream about.

Registration for Feb. 2017 Israel Bible Prophecy Study Tour

Come to Israel and study Bible Prophecy. Learn about coming events in the places where the future will happen- places like Armageddon and the very top of the Mt. of Olives. February 3-11, 2017

VIDEO: Galilee Journey tour

One of the tours that the Aliyah Return Center offers is a tour around the Jordan Valley. This is an extract from one such tour.

Win a free trip to Israel with Amir!

Purchase the “Israel Unveiled” DVD series to enter a raffle for a free trip to Israel with Amir in 2017; All proceeds support the Behold Israel ministry.