World Events

Commentaries, opinions, or journalistic articles written by Israeli believers related to politics or current events that are related to countries outside of Israel and the Middle East.

Some thoughts on the Roman Catholic Church

Aaron writes, "Most of the people living in this world have only the vaguest idea about the meaning of the words “Catholic” “Protestant” and “Orthodox” much less the different denominations, doctrinal positions, etc. within these sub-groups of Christianity."

Why American Jews are tuning out on their faith

Cookie writes, "A recent Jerusalem Post article entitled, “The Faith Crisis of American Jewry” (9/12/18) caught my eye, citing the devastating rate of intermarriage, lack of synagogue attendance and even a considerable amount of those who have no belief in God."

Pastor Andrew Brunson’s relief after 656 days of imprisonment in Turkey

After 1 year and 9 months of imprisonment, Andrew Brunson was granted a compassionate release from Turkey’s prison to be under house arrest.

Honoring Saman Gunan

Asher writes, "Saman’s family seems to be of Buddhist background. Yet the example of giving one’s life for others of course reminds us of Yeshua’s message and the essence of the cross."

The mountain moved – A look at the weeks during the Thai cave rescue

Miriam writes, "I give Yeshua and the God of Israel all the glory here. I know He alone stirred the hearts of the rescue volunteer team and those like Elon Musk and his modern machine."

Islam, the UN and the Second Coming

Asher writes, "One of the clearest pictures in the Bible of the second coming of Yeshua (Jesus) is found in Zechariah 14:2-3..."

Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore

Asher shares a few scriptural guidelines for prayer concerning the US-North Korea Summit in Singapore.

They’re not just abusing our personal data — they’re censoring us!

Donna writes, "Challenges to freedom of speech that affect the general population are issues that will reach critical mass within the community of faith. We need to be aware of current events surrounding major social media platforms..."

A call to prayer for President Trump

Shira writes, "Lord, please have mercy on this president, who needs You so desperately. Lord, we need You desperately."

Erdogan’s vision: Uniting an ‘Army of Islam’ to destroy Israel in 10 days

An article in a Turkish paper with close ties to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan exposes the regime's desire to form an "Army of Islam" to attack and destroy the State of Israel.