World Events

Commentaries, opinions, or journalistic articles written by Israeli believers related to politics or current events that are related to countries outside of Israel and the Middle East.

The faulty theology of Joy Behar

Ron writes, "This week, world renown theologian and general spewer of nonsense, Joy Behar, said that people who expect God to speak to them are mentally ill. You know, nutso—hearing voices. Well, here is how she put it."

Turkey moving closer to Gog-Magog alliance?

Tzippe writes, "Turkey's growing friendship with the Gog-Magog alliance is indisputable evidence of the coming fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 and 39. The best part of this frightening scenario is God's intervention on behalf of His covenant land and people."

Sir Winston Churchill – An example for every believer

David writes, "Israel is in a similar situation today, facing a sea of sworn enemies. PM Netanyahu is facing tremendous pressure at home and internationally to concede to the demand to give the enemies what they want..."

Roy Moore’s lawyer claims to be a Messianic Jew

Headlines about Roy Moore’s Jewish lawyer turns out to be a case of mistaken identity in more ways than one.

Should the US withdraw from the Middle East Quartet?

In a letter to Vice President Mike Pence, published Friday by the Israeli daily Israel Hayom, the vice president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies suggested the US consider pulling out of the Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia).

A word from Amir, Dec. 12, 2017

Amir writes, "Did the Turkish Sultan cross a red line and threaten to kill Jews? The beginning of this story is in a speech that carried the Turkish President in front of hundreds of people, following the speech of Trump on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel!"

Why P. Trump has not moved Embassy to Jerusalem—Yet

New Buzz about Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as early as next week, has Israelis excited There are four key moments, three in the...

Saudi Prince: Alliance can defeat terrorism

Two days after a terror attack on an Egyptian mosque killed more than 300, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman told senior officials from 40 Muslim-majority nations that together they can defeat terrorism.

Urgent global prayer for Lebanon

Joni writes, "Likewise, the vying spiritual and political influences in Lebanon – Shia, Sunni and Christian – this month have been thrown in the air and now is the time to pray that they fall in such a way that the Kingdom of God will advance forcefully in the Middle East."

‘Christian Jihad’ proposed at ‘Love Your Neighbor’ conference

Last month, Christian activist Stephen Sizer adopted Islam’s favorite term for violent struggle to describe his peaceful assault on Zionism: jihad.