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Handel’s ‘Messiah’ speaks today – and serves Syrian refugees

Musical director and conductor David Loden was impassioned as he spoke with KNI of the upcoming performance of Handel’s Messiah in Hebrew, a concert to benefit Syrian refugees, that will take place in Jerusalem on April 6.

Saving one of Christianity’s holiest sites

Once on the verge of collapse, one of the holiest sites in Christianity has been restored. It's inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City where many believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

Purim in Tsfat and the eternal light

Carolyn writes, "A respected Orthodox Jewish man stood up at a Purim party that I was attending in Tsfat. He gave a midrash (teaching) on how the two recent Torah portions, Truma and Tsaveh always come during Purim time... When he finished, I asked if I could add something to his midrash..."

Abundant Life: Choosing – and sustaining – life

Abundant Life, a non-profit organization in Israel, fights for the protection of a mother and the unborn baby in her womb - and then supports in practical ways mothers who have chosen life.

LISTEN: Interview about new worship album Lev Tahor (A Pure Heart)

Listen to an interview with Sarah Liberman on Worship and Word Radio, including as tracks from her knew worship CD and a discussion on Messianic life and worship in Israel.

Women symposium brings together Jews, Muslims, Christians

A principal aim of the symposium was to “honor women of influence in the Holy Land who have courageously and loyally worked for the downtrodden or those in need.”

To the Jew first: Jacob Damkani’s passion for evangelism  

Well known in Israel for his courage and passion to share the gospel, Israeli evangelist Jacob Damkani insists that Christians visitors to Israel can and should also boldly share their faith with the Jewish people.

Healings blossom

Terry writes, "We are thrilled to be able to share with you some of the answers we have recently received to prayer. We have begun to see signs and wonders in our congregation Kehilat Poriya and, of late words of knowledge have come ... followed by healings."

What just one prayer can do

Who was the answer to a German carpenter's prayer? The compelling story of Richard Wurmbrand.

Hong Kong couple generously assists Ethiopian aliyah

Last year the couple visited both Ethiopia and Israel to meet the Falash Mura still waiting to come to Israel, and nearly 1,400 new immigrants in Israel that they had sponsored from 2012 to 2013.

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