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Journalistic articles about anything related to the Israeli Messianic Jewish community, Israeli Arab Christian community, Gentile believers living in Israel, or Israeli believers abroad.

Shai Sol’s testimony in music

Shai Sol writes, "Music, to me, is both a way to deal with things, and a reflection of a road that faith is at its center, leading to our father in heaven. Being a musician in Israel is extremely challenging, but I’m filled with faith and confidence that this is the road I need to be on."

Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes reopens after arson attack

Worshippers and dignitaries recently attended mass at Tabgha Monastery at the north end of the Sea of Galilee to celebrate the re-opening of the beautiful, historic church damaged in an arson attack two years ago by Jewish extremists.

Be’ad Chaim helps Israeli mothers choose life

In 1977, the state of Israel legalized abortion through — what has been referred to as — one of the most liberal abortion policies in the world. In 1988, a group of believers in Israel began looking into statics on abortion in the land, and what they found was alarming.

From darkness to light: Israeli Messianic artist Shoshana Silver

Born in New York and raised in Miami with conservative Jewish parents and a religious grandfather, artist Shoshana Silver found her own path to...

It was hard for her to walk away, would you?

"An elderly woman, who was recently widowed, came to us excited about the possibility of purchasing a new home. Ruth had received a large sum of money and was eager to buy a place in order to turn it into a ministry house for women."

New book published by Pastor Meno Kalisher

Pastor Meno Kalisher, who leads the Jerusalem Assembly, House of Redemption congregation in Israel’s capital city, recently published a book entitled “Do! Applying the Epistle of James.”

Israel, a country in need – Update from Dugit Distribution Center

"Looking through the scriptures, we find that Yeshua was interested in meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of His people. Often, it was the meeting of a physical need that opened the eyes of Israel to their Messiah."

Love conquers fear: How one family’s kindness broke down walls

Khalil writes, "On Feb. 1, I awoke to the news that a bus full of “settlers” had careened into the valley near the settlement of Ma'ale Levona... But in the midst of this awful accident, a compassionate Palestinian family, the Al-Azzeh’s, stepped out of their comfort zone to help rescue the injured on the cold, rainy night." Read about Khalil's meeting with the Al-Azzeh family.

Dreaming in the language of the prophets

Scott writes, "When my father spoke about faith, he pointed out that it was impossible to please God without it. He compared faith to a muscle and said that the more a Believer exercised their faith, the bigger it got."

Healing for single parent families

One of Revive Israel's neighbors here at Yad HaShmona is the King David Therapeutic Riding Stables. Together we have been developing a unique partnership over the last number of years that is impacting families and children, and especially single parent families.

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