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Update: Injured Messianic soldier’s condition improves, grateful for prayers

In February, KNI reported on David B., a Messianic Israeli soldier and worship leader who was injured in combat. Three months later, David enthusiastically agreed to share an update with us.
photo, Miriam Miranzenboim and Bok Cover

Israeli author publishes simple-English version of ‘The Antiquities’

Miriam Maranzenboim, an American-born Israeli who has lived in Israel since 1977, has made life a little simpler for those of us who have hoped to one day tackle Josephus's Antiquities of the Jews but have never found the time.

TBN documentary seeks to explain ‘Why Israel Matters’

Why Israel Matters provides an honest and in-depth look at the country, demonstrating glorious things God has done in restoring the land and the Jewish people to it.

60 million US Christians call on Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem

Some 60 influential American Christian leaders representing 60 million constituents wrote to U.S. President Donald Trump a week before his visit to Israel, asking him to uphold American law and to honor his promise to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

Christian Friends of Israel to host Jerusalem Jubilee Conference

In a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) is hosting a conference in the city to mark this significant event.

A new day for Poland

Devorah writes, "This prophetic act was a very powerful moment considering Poland’s history. We were all touched and blessed by this. We are believing for a new day in Poland, that they will be known as a nation who stands with Israel and with the Israeli Messianic believers."

Dutch Christian artist captures Europe’s attention for Holocaust-inspired art

Artist Jip Wijngaarden, born in Amsterdam in 1964, was around 14 years old when she found a weathered copy of The Diary of Anne Frank in between two walls of their home. It became her treasure.

Joint Arabic-Hebrew worship event in Jerusalem

On April 29, 2017 a joint Hebrew-Arabic worship event took place in the Pavilion, Jerusalem. The event was led by worship leaders and musicians from the Israeli Messianic and Palestinian Christian communities, including Sheli Myers, Yaron Cherniak, Bassem and Jasura Adrenaly.

Sitting together at Yeshua’s feet

Avi writes, "Here in Israel, where the conflict is so present and tangible, we find it is necessary to focus on the Glory that is beginning to appear rather than the darkness. We are seeing this incredible reality taking shape before our very eyes..."

Protests continue in Dimona against ‘Christian’ missionaries

Since KNI reported on the demonstrations in Dimona last week, the Israeli news site Walla! picked up on the story, reporting on the ongoing protests spearheaded by the anti-missionary activist group Yad L’Achim against believers who recently opened a meeting place downtown.

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