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Messianic soliders conference encourages new enlistees to honor God

Netivah recently held a conference for Messianic high school seniors to meet with IDF soldiers in order to speak with them and ask questions about military service as they are about to be drafted themselves in the coming months.

Messianic push back at Tel Aviv gay pride parade

When the 19th annual Pride Parade was held on the streets of Tel Aviv in the name of celebrating pluralism and “bisexual visibility,” it attracted 200,000 participants — including 30,000 from abroad — and was billed as the largest procession of its kind in the Middle East and Asia.

Anti-missionaries demonstrate against Messianic publisher at book fair

Yad L'Achim, the Jewish anti-missionary organization, published an article recently against the Messianic publishing house HaGefen (The Vine) for “daring” to sell its books to the public during the Hebrew Book Week Fair in Rishon LeZion.

Love the Lord your God

Eddie writes, "As we draw close to God, we are overwhelmed by His love. There is no darkness in Him and His presence in our lives is truly a flood of light and goodness in every way."

Jerusalem Encounter connects local body with believers around the world

After much preparation and anticipation, the second Jerusalem Encounter conference convened last week as Wayne Hilsden, founder and president of the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM), warmly welcoming hundreds of guests.

LISTEN: Interview with Messianic Worship Leader Paul Wilbur

Paul Calvert of Focus On Israel-Radio speaks with Messianic Worship Leader Paul Wilbur at the Jerusalem Encounter conference.

Whom shall I fear?

Yoel writes, "My brother Dan and I serve with an elite unit of combat engineers in the Israel Defense Forces. Given some of the battles we have been involved in, I consider it a miracle we are still alive."

Orthodox Jews protest, believers respond with worship

Ron writes, "Suddenly praise music in Hebrew began to drown them out. The believers began to dance and worship, as the presence of God was obvious…and the young protestors left one by one."

LISTEN: Interview about shelter in Israel for abused women

My guest today is called Rita. A few years ago she would never have dreamt that one day she would be running a shelter in Israel for abused women … but that’s exactly what happened.

God’s provision to the widow crosses cultural boundaries

“You will never need to ask for money, for I will take care of you.” This was the Lord’s promise to Amira, a believing, Arab, widow from east Jerusalem.

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