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Terror, mourning and God’s hope: Messianic soldiers grieve after ramming attack

On January 8, 2017, another disaster struck our country when a truck driver in Jerusalem sped toward a group of cadets from the IDF officers school killing four. A number of believing soldiers served alongside the victims in various units.

“If the hat fits; wear it!”

A Be'ad Chaim counselor writes, "As I gained experience I became more comfortable I always had such a huge sense of victory when a little life was saved. What could be more rewarding than seeing a newborn who was almost rejected?"

Ministering to addicts, downtrodden and outcasts in Tel Aviv

The ministry comes to the aid of one of the most vulnerable and overlooked groups in society: those addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes who have lost everything, are outcasts on the street and who appear beyond reach.

In the Throes

Read an excerpt from the book Siege of Jerusalem by Pauline Rose, who first visited Palestine in 1946 on a mission to “kindle the Sabbath light of Messiah” and establish a Messianic Jewish community in Jerusalem.

Messianic soldiers respond to conviction of Israeli soldier

With so many opinions on Azaria's manslaughter conviction appearing on social media networks, many parallels have been drawn between this incident and stories in the scriptures. We collected a few comments from our Messianic soldiers in regular and reserve duty.

Desert experience

Yevgeni writes, "In the midst of our busy daily routine, as we rush about meeting our responsibilities, we need to regularly stop and dedicate time to the Lord, to be still and experience His presence."

One generation to another

Eitan writes, "Twenty years is the minimum benchmark duration of one generation. A twenty-one year process came to fruition on December 3, 2016. That process began with the founding of the Tents of Mercy congregation."

The “Road Less Traveled “ Bedouins in the Land of Israel

Jane writes, "During Pesach season in Israel (2016), I had the opportunity to join Christine Darg in a day trip, which took us by bus to first visit a Bedouin village near Haifa and then onto Nazareth to meet Arab Israeli Christian and pro-IDF activist, Father Gabriel Naddaf.

Bible inspired art: Exhibition features believer among others

The exhibition features 18 Israeli artists from many walks of life including one Messianic believer. It features their paintings, sculptures, stained glass, artistic displays and more.

Introducing FCSI student ministry in Israel

FCSI is student ministry in Israel that seeks to equip believing students to be salt and light on their campuses through Bible study, training, evangelism and networking.

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