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Contrary to reports, Nazareth Christmas festivities continue

Christmas Festivities are set to continue in Nazareth, despite media reports that the city’s Arab Muslim mayor had canceled all celebrations in protest at U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Mayor of Nazareth just canceled Christmas in the city

In true grinch fashion, a few hours ago, the Mayor of Nazareth officially canceled the annual public Christmas festivities and street celebrations in the city of Nazareth.

Organization encourages Israeli Christians to enlist in IDF

A new nonprofit organization founded thanks to the initiative of a Christian believer is hoping to encourage more indigenous Israeli Christians to enlist in the...

LISTEN: Interview about Christmas in the Holy Land

Elias Kasabre speaks about what Christmas is like in the Holy Land.
Sandra Solomon

Ramallah-born convert to Christianity, loves Israel, denounces education-driven terror

Solomon, age 38, now wears a Star of David pendant around her neck and has become an advocate for Israel, hopeful that the Jewish people will someday forgive her for the insults and demonization of Jews that originated in her home and surroundings while growing up.

LISTEN: Interview with an Arab Christian pastor in Israel, Joseph Hadad

Today finds us in Haifa in northern Israel and my guest is Joseph Hadad – the pastor of River of God, a Lebanese church in Nahariya, a small town in Israel on the border with Lebanon.

An Arab Christian presents Jesus to the Jews

As churches across Jerusalem proclaimed the Easter story and city streets were filled with the declarations in Arabic and Latin of Jesus’ death and resurrection, cyberspace was also abuzz as a platform for the message of Jesus to be shared in Hebrew — and from an unlikely source.

Love conquers fear: How one family’s kindness broke down walls

Khalil writes, "On Feb. 1, I awoke to the news that a bus full of “settlers” had careened into the valley near the settlement of Ma'ale Levona... But in the midst of this awful accident, a compassionate Palestinian family, the Al-Azzeh’s, stepped out of their comfort zone to help rescue the injured on the cold, rainy night." Read about Khalil's meeting with the Al-Azzeh family.

Israeli Knesset aids Christians seeking to register as Arameans

Yesterday, January 18, the Israeli Knesset approved a bill that makes it easier for Arabic-speaking Christians in Israel to officially list their identity as Arameans.

Gazan Christians’ faith is strong says visiting Catholic leader

England and Wales Catholic leader’s visit to the Gaza Strip on Sunday was an encouragement to the territory’s 1,200 remaining Christians who comprise less than 1 percent of the enclave’s 1.8 million population.