The Arab Christian Community

Articles by or about Arab believers living in Israel and the Middle East.

Israeli Knesset aids Christians seeking to register as Arameans

Yesterday, January 18, the Israeli Knesset approved a bill that makes it easier for Arabic-speaking Christians in Israel to officially list their identity as Arameans.

Gazan Christians’ faith is strong says visiting Catholic leader

England and Wales Catholic leader’s visit to the Gaza Strip on Sunday was an encouragement to the territory’s 1,200 remaining Christians who comprise less than 1 percent of the enclave’s 1.8 million population.

LISTEN: Light For All Nations – Reaching the Arabic-speaking world with the Gospel

Paul Calvert of Focus on Israel-Radio interviews Nizar Shaheen, founder and president of Light For All Nations Ministries, which is the longest-running Arabic language Christian television program.

Arab Pastor Called to Share the Message of Salvation in Nazareth, Jesus’s Hometown

In speaking of his church in Nazareth, Saleem shares, "We need to be focused on outreach. The church needs to go to the people, rather than waiting for the people to come to church. The church can be like an aquarium and we forget the sea!"

The Silent Struggle of Bethlehem’s Christians

Lela writes, "In Bethlehem, Christians are not just a minority population in an overwhelmingly Muslim community. They aren’t simply marginalized; they don’t just suffer discrimination. Too often, they are threatened and intimidated; injured or even killed. They are cautious. They are uneasy. Many of them live in fear."

Israel Honors “Courageous Citizens”: Father Gabriel Naddaf Lights a Ceremonial Torch

Perhaps Father Naddaf's most significant contribution to Israeli society is an IDF recruitment drive in Christian communities, as he felt that conscription is an important way to promote integration and co-existence.

Christianity and Religious Freedom of Minorities in Israel

Amid cries of Israel being an Apartheid state, not treating its minorities with equality and chasing Christians away, the opposite is true. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs has a very comprehensive understanding of its Christian citizens, who are a minority within a minority.

Christian Leader nabbed by Palestinian Authority: Analysis and Commentary

It's ironic that Archbishop Murad, who predicted that Israel would use the security barrier to deny Palestinians "freedom of movement", has freely crossed the barrier to preside over his community's celebrations in Bethlehem and Jerusalem -- until the Palestinian Authority denied him that freedom last week.

Review of 2016 CATC Lectures on Muslim Extremism

The second day of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, devoted to Muslim extremism, potentially held the most promise and the greatest challenge, but unfortunately the speakers were largely silent on the challenging reality for Christians living in Muslim countries.

Born Again in Nazareth

Read the wonderful story of what happened when an Israeli Arab woman approached Dr. Erez Soref of One For Israel at a Pastor's conference last week in Nazareth.