The Ethiopian Community

Articles by or about the believers in Israel who are part of the Ethiopian or Amharic speaking community.

Blog: Israel’s Ethiopian community raises its voice

The integration of the Ethiopian Jewish community into mainstream Israeli society turned out to be more difficult than expected. The Ethiopian community still struggles in several areas. They have taken their fate silently up until now.

Messianic Ethiopians Address Israel Riots

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews took to the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to protest the “racism and humiliation” they experience daily in Israeli society. Messianic leaders in the Ethiopian community spoke to Israel Today about the situation.

Ethiopian-Israeli Protest Turns Violent in Tel Aviv

Ethiopian-Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv in protest yesterday, and what started out as a peaceful demonstration, later turned into violence and unrest.

VIDEO: Ethiopian Congregations in Israel

Interview with the pastors of two Ethiopian congregations, giving them a platform to share a little about their work and express their gratitude to supporters.

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