Ministry Newsletters

Centralized list of publicly-accessible links of updates or newsletters from Israeli Messianic ministries and congregations, or blog articles related to ministry updates.

The sleeping fox catches no poultry

Margarita writes, "From Solomon, who saw poverty as the fruit of inaction, to Yeshua’s teachings about forcefully advancing God’s kingdom and taking its yoke upon ourselves, the call is the same: express your faith in the Creator by being creative! Step out, take action, do something!"

Incredible beyond report: Update from Pastor Santoro

Eddie writes, "Today was a good day! Early this morning we went to our appointment with the oncologist to receive the report on last week's MRI. Praise God, for the first time in the past six months, he announced that there was no visible cancer showing on the MRI!"

How I learned to pray the prayer of faith on the Mount of Olives

Shira writes, "During my first six months in Israel I lived in a house on the Mount of Olives owned by our family friend, the Keeper of the Garden Tomb. Sadly he had been killed in the Six Day War, fought just four months before I arrived in Jerusalem."

Falling in love with a region

Orna writes, "The curves, the colors. Jordan turned out to be so much more than I expected. As we headed up north, crossed Aman and traveled through the mountains of Gilead, I fell in love. With the people, the view, the geography."

Looking over from Mount Nebo

Orna writes, "Stunning! This was our first impression when we looked from Mount Nebo in the direction of Israel and started recalling the stories that took place in that region."

Latest methods used by anti-missionaries in Israel

Carmiyah ministries based in the Ashkelon region have recently been the target of a well known anti-missionary organisation in Israel.

Israel College of the Bible sends Jewish-Arab mission teams

"As the the Body of Messiah in the modern state of Israel gains momentum, it’s time to lift our eyes beyond our borders! Jewish and Arab mission teams are now being sent out to minister together across the world, and the impact has been profound."

A womb, a crib and the Dead Sea

Zigzagging – this is what we did on our first day on the road. “Hebrewism” – as I started calling it, trying to start...

The testimony of God: Update from Pastor Santoro

Eddie writes, "On Tuesday, we met with our oncologist to review the MRI that I had last week. Halleluyah! The results were good! The MRI showed that the size of the tumor in my brain had decreased "significantly" in the words of the doctor."

It is being produced again

Orna writes, "The other team members joined us and we started praying. Five of us were going to cross into Jordan, each one with her own ideas and agenda. But what was God’s mind?"