Ministry Newsletters

Centralized list of publicly-accessible links of updates or newsletters from Israeli Messianic ministries and congregations, or blog articles related to ministry updates.

Important update from Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro, recovering from surgery

Eddie writes, "First of all we want to thank each one of you for the amazing outpouring of love and support we have received from you since this last battle started two weeks ago. It has been an deep source of encouragement and life for us."

A dream opportunity for sharing the gospel

Gil writes, "It was a call our office manager did not expect to get: on the line was an instructor from a military preparatory program for religious girls."

A success story from Be’ad Chaim (Pro Life)

"Two years ago, Leah became a Be’ad Chaim counselor. She was invited to join a support group for hurting women post-abortion."

Your blood upon us and our sons

Orna writes, "We are so used to nations asking our forgiveness for their part in hiding His Jewishness from us. But the time has come for us to own our part and repent of the choices we made ourselves."

The heart of a giver

Guy writes, "One conclusion from these verses, is that when we give to the poor we give to the Lord. When we have a heart for the broken, we are not giving to the broken but to the Lord."

A matter of life or death

Last week, the staff of CBN Israel were invited to speak to a group of mothers who have all declined abortion with the help of Be’ad Chaim.

Wonderful events demonstrating God’s overflowing blessings

Eddie writes, "As we trust in God and lay hold of his infinite power, our lives are filled with overflowing blessings. Here are just a few of the many wonderful events that have filled the past few weeks and allowed us to be 'The light of the world!'"

Elderly atheist finds faith through healing

"When Aneta returned home, she knew the truth. Today, she shares with everyone she meets that God is alive and it was He that healed her."

The clothes that we will wear

Eddie writes, "We have walked in places that we could not have imagined and achieved things that were beyond our natural ability. And the treasure that will adorn us forever will be great!"

Pray for Israel: HaTikva Project

Through HaTikva Project, Christians everywhere have an opportunity to not only minister to the needs of the local believers in Israel, but to also strategically fund the growing body of Messiah in Israel.