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Journalistic articles about anything related to the Israeli Messianic Jewish community, Israeli Arab Christian community, Gentile believers living in Israel, or Israeli believers abroad.

Strengthening the family through sound finances

With a vision to strengthen families in the Body of Messiah, E.L.Y. Israel offers believers sounds financial advice to improving their economic situation, gain financial independence and live a more abundant life.

Scientist’s lecture: ‘Has science buried God?’

Internationally renowned mathematician, speaker, author and retired professor John Lennox spoke in Haifa recently on a topic rarely discussed by prestigious guests visiting the university: God.

Could Messianic Jews be represented in Israel’s parliament?

For the first time in Israel’s history, a party comprised of Jewish and Christian candidates — both Messianic and Orthodox Jews together — is running in this year’s elections.

A new season for Israeli unity

Eitan writes, In the midst of a reassembled, yet fractured nation, a Messianic community united in its obvious variety will speak volumes about our Messiah. In this issue there is no doubt about the will of God."

Unrolling the red carpet for the neglected – Israeli beauty shop becomes safe place

Ishai and Anat, who were moved to take action against abortion by providing practical help to troubled mothers, also felt a heavy burden in their hearts to reach out to women controlled by mafia and human traffickers.

Messianic senior citizen home in Israel looking to expand

Here in Israel, many Messianic believers and ministries run establishments including guest houses, schools and performance centers, and the list goes on. However, there is currently only one home for the elderly – Ebenezer.

Press Release: Reconciled Identities – Israeli and Palestinian Disciples of Jesus Share the Search...

Messianic Jewish and Palestinian Christian disciples of Jesus met in Antalya, Turkey, February 14-17, 2019 for the 5th conference of the Lausanne Initiative on Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine (LIRIP).

Pray for our leaders and the April elections in Israel

Wendy writes, "Our nation has elections coming up on April 9, 2019. Whatever your political allegiance might be, God’s word instructs us to pray for those in authority."

How to cope with turbulence and uncertainty, according to an Israeli soldier

"As true disciples, we are here to serve in God’s army – we are not civilians – and we are being trained to withstand whatever may come."

A search for Jewish roots (Part 2)

"One area that reflects our connection to the Jewish roots is our relationship with Israel. Can there be room in our theology for the Jewish people now and in the future, or should they be relegated to the past?"