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Journalistic articles about anything related to the Israeli Messianic Jewish community, Israeli Arab Christian community, Gentile believers living in Israel, or Israeli believers abroad.

New book: “Refuting Rabbinic Objections To Christianity & Messianic Prophecies”

Eitan writes, "This book is a compilation of transcripts from these videos, all in one place for your consideration. While the content of this book is based on five years of academic research, I did my best to write it in a simplistic, easy-to-read way, in order to keep this book as short as possible."

Amazing news from Israel to start the New Year

2019 kicked off with a lot of incredibly good news from Israel! A new dawn – even a new era – is breaking.

Seminar to raise awareness, give hope to families facing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

HaTikva Families, which is financially sponsoring the seminar, is working with Sharona Duchne who runs a wide-reaching online portal, Adoptive Wisdom, for any Israeli parents grappling with the challenges of adoption.

Lifted up, Eddie and Jackie Santoro press on

After years of supernatural victory over cancer and the powers of darkness, Eddie and Jackie Santoro, longtime pastors and senior leaders at Jerusalem’s Kehilat Ahavat Yeshua, find themselves in need of yet another miracle.

Pro-life org lobbies Israeli govt over staggering abortion costs

An Israeli pro-life organization is urging the government to stop funding millions of dollars worth of abortions ahead of next year’s budget allocations — and is calling on believers to pray for a positive response to its campaign.

Changing attitudes in Israel: A new era

"Now with the most formidable army in the Middle East, and a majority who have known no other home, many Jewish Israelis feel safe enough in their identity to venture where the diaspora might fear to tread."

From Buddhist Priest to Believer in Yeshua

Futoru writes, "There came a point where I stopped seeking for salvation in Buddhism. In contrast, I was continually studying the Bible from a logical and scientific point of view. Then, one experience was life-changing."

Nazareth church reaching out to community during Christmas season

As Christmas approaches Jesus is the King Church in Nazareth is boldly reminding the city that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

Christmas in Israel

"You may take it for granted that Christmas day is a holiday from work and school, or that you are free to put up trees and decorations, but celebrating Christmas is not so easy in some countries. Even in Israel, it can cause a bit of friction."

Israeli artists explore hope, light, transition in upcoming Jerusalem exhibit

The Jerusalem House of Quality will host an art exhibition featuring the work of 10 artists, nine of whom are Messianic believers, and are all immigrants who – after transitioning from their lives in other cultures – have integrated into Israeli society and the creative life here.