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First “All Israel Conference” in Singapore highlights eight Israeli Messianic ministries

The first All Israel Conference was held in Singapore on May 25-26, 2018. The theme of the conference was Building Bridges Between the Body of Believers in Israel & Singapore. The conference was a “one new man” event with the stage shared between ministry leaders from Israel and Singapore. Each session featured an Israeli speaker and Singaporean speaker about the same topic.

PRAYER ALERT: Kite terrorism from Gaza causing fires in Israel

Kite terrorism refers to Gaza’s “peaceful” Arab rioters using kites and helium balloons to carry incendiaries and gasoline bombs into Israel. Since April, Palestinian kite terrorists have set more than 400 fires, destroying over 6,000 acres of farming land ...
Artist, Patricia Solveson, standing before the last scene in her Wall of Life Mural at the Alliance Cemetery in the German Colony

All about love: Alliance Cemetery’s ‘Wall of Life’ mural in Jerusalem

The Alliance Church International Cemetery in Jerusalem’s German Colony is home to the recently completed Wall of Life, a mural now gracing its old, once dour walls with beautifully rendered scenes from Genesis to Revelation.

JPost positively features Messianic siblings serving in IDF

In a matter-of-fact if not outright positive article, The Jerusalem Post featured a young Messianic man and his siblings from the United States who came to Israel to serve in the IDF.

My book – Lifted Up – available on Amazon

Eddie writes, "Here is the introduction that appears when you go to Amazon to order it. We hope you will read the book and pass it on to whomever you know who would be blessed to read it."

FIRM’s Jerusalem Encounter 2018 opens this week

The Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) will host Jerusalem Encounter 2018, a worldwide gathering of believers “to worship God and encounter the land and the people of Israel.”

The most comprehensive Jews for Jesus campaign ever takes place in Jerusalem

June 4, 2018 (San Francisco) Jews for Jesus said, “Behold Your God Jerusalem,” in an unprecedented way this past month. With over 200 staff...

Evangelicals in Brazil show strong support for Israel in annual March for Jesus

Some 2 million Brazilians and other pilgrims from Argentina, Mexico, the United States and some African countries who attended the March for Jesus waved Israeli flags and prayed for the Jewish state in the parade that stretched 2.5 miles through the city.

International worship, dance mark Shavuot gathering of Israeli believers

While the memory is still fresh, it is a pleasure for me to reminisce about the congregational Shavuot Celebration that took place at the moshav Yad HaShmona near Jerusalem this May.

Marty Goetz and Misha’s live concert in Jerusalem

Only in Israel can one experience a Messianic concert in a city dotted with minarets. So after the evening Muslim call to prayer ended, Marty and Misha walked onto the stage. Three songs stood out to me that night.