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Anne Graham-Lotz: ‘Time to turn to God and thank Him’

Christian leaders from around the world came to Jerusalem recently for what's become a major annual event, the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast (JPB). CBN News interviewed three key participants in this year's gathering.

Ashdod threatens Messianic congregation for operating a ‘house of prayer’

As if it wasn’t enough that Orthodox Jews had vandalized their new building, now the Municipality of Ashdod is bearing down on the Beit Hallel congregation in the legal arena declaring that the non-profit organization itself is operating illegally.

Messianic organization urges believers: Adopt, foster vulnerable children in Israel

An initiative that is going nationwide this year intends to bring awareness to the plight of orphans and foster children in Israel and to encourage believing families especially to provide them with loving and nurturing homes.

Saying goodbye to a Messianic Music Pioneer

Ron writes, "At my wedding, 30 years ago, Elana and I were honored that one of the most famous Messianic worship groups performed. Of course, they were our dear friends Israel’s Hope. Marc Chopinsky wrote most of the music. Yesterday, we buried him in Haifa."

Remembering Israeli Musician Marc Chopinsky

Born in Philadelphia in 1950, the self-taught guitarist traveled the rock and roll nightclub circuit for 17 years without ever composing a song. All that began to change in the spring of 1981 when he met the Messiah.

Orthodox Jewish publication lambastes Messianic writer

Even with his bold and evangelistic approach here in Israel, Ron Cantor had yet to experience an attack as vicious as he did when a media outlet accused him of being anti-Semitic and even compared him to perpetrators of the Spanish Inquisition.

In memory of Marc Chopinsky – Pioneer of Messianic Jewish Music

Daniel writes, "Today, during a bris [circumcision ceremony] for dear friends who were part of our congregation, Beth Messiah in Maryland, we received word that Marc Chopinsky had died."

Incredible beyond report: Update from Pastor Santoro

Eddie writes, "Today was a good day! Early this morning we went to our appointment with the oncologist to receive the report on last week's MRI. Praise God, for the first time in the past six months, he announced that there was no visible cancer showing on the MRI!"

‘Passion’ worship movement comes to Israel

In what has been billed as "more than a concert," the powerhouse worship group Passion will pause in the midst of touring Israel to host an event in Jerusalem next week to glorify God.

Netanyahu to Christian media: Continue to tell the truth

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked journalists attending the Christian Media Summit for their ongoing support and, responding to a suggesting, said he would consider appointing an ambassador to the Christian world reflecting Israel’s recognition of it evangelical allies.