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Evangelicals in Brazil show strong support for Israel in annual March for Jesus

Some 2 million Brazilians and other pilgrims from Argentina, Mexico, the United States and some African countries who attended the March for Jesus waved Israeli flags and prayed for the Jewish state in the parade that stretched 2.5 miles through the city.

International worship, dance mark Shavuot gathering of Israeli believers

While the memory is still fresh, it is a pleasure for me to reminisce about the congregational Shavuot Celebration that took place at the moshav Yad HaShmona near Jerusalem this May.

Marty Goetz and Misha’s live concert in Jerusalem

Only in Israel can one experience a Messianic concert in a city dotted with minarets. So after the evening Muslim call to prayer ended, Marty and Misha walked onto the stage. Three songs stood out to me that night.

My quest for a miracle

Daniel writes, "As I look back on my four years of college skepticism, I now see the evidence of our faith as, almost a tsunami of evidence, an overwhelming flood of evidence (as Josh McDowell says)."

Amazing days

Eddie writes, "Living in Israel is truly a wonderful experience which puts us in the very heart of God’s plan for these days. It is God’s intent to gather all the Jewish people back to the land before he returns, never to be uprooted again."

Bikat Kinarot Center – Working Together for Israel Project

Once home to 350 high school students, the Bikat Kinarot boarding school closed in 2008. Return Ministries is working to transform the site into an “educational facility for Jews and Christians living and working together.”

Handel’s Messiah in the historic Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

David writes, "It was a night to remember. Approximately three hundred people came out in unseasonably cold weather to hear a Handel’s Messiah in the historic Garden Tomb."

March of the Nations – 15 May 2018

Howard writes, "Randi and I were treated as special guests at the March of the Nations events in Jerusalem. This year’s event was the first time that it had been held in Israel, and it was done so in honor of Israel’s 70th year celebrations."

March of Nations honors Israel, Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem

An initiative founded by descendants of the Nazi Wehrmacht, SS and German police force to remember the Holocaust, the March of Life organization this week held its first event in Jerusalem, a three-day conference in Jerusalem to commemorate the Holocaust, co-organized with Helping Hand Coalition.

New research discovers that Evangelicals support the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem

News of the survey, released on May 10th by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, studied Christian Evangelical attitudes towards Israel and discovered some interesting trends in opinions on issues like the US embassy move.