Personal Stories

Testimonies, interviews, or articles that spotlight Israeli Messianic ministries or people that are part of the Messianic/Christian community in Israel.

A year of praise, progress for Israeli Messianic soldier injured in attack

Just over a year ago a young soldier’s dreams and aspirations literally exploded out of view obscuring his dreams and his future.
David and Martha Stern holding a copy of David's book, Complete Jewish Bible

Kehila Spotlight: Meet David and Martha Stern

David and Martha Stern came home to Israel in 1979, in David’s words, as “part of the great ingathering promised by God for which Jews have prayed three times daily for 2,000 years.”

An Israeli Messianic beauty queen?

When I first heard that there was a Messianic Israeli representative in an International Beauty Pageant, "Miss Glamorous,” I raised an eyebrow. But something in Neta's image that I recalled did not quite fit into the world of glamor and so I was very curious to interview her.

A Messianic Star Is Born: Tslil Goldman

Messianics have been in the mainstream media in Israel, on talent spotting show, “The Next Star” (haCochav haBa). Tslil Goldman turned up with a veritable entourage of friends and family, and gave a show-stopping performance that blew the judges away.

Israeli woman goes into the waters of immersion

Moti writes, "The good news is that Yeshua’s gospel is spreading in Tel Aviv. The better news is that there are people who accept the gospel, give their lives to Yeshua, are willing to go through water and Spirit baptism, and dedicate their lives to the Lord!"

LISTEN: Interview with Eddie Santoro (Part 1)

My guest today is a former hippie from America, Eddie Santoro. I visited Eddie and his wife Jackie at their home close to Jerusalem. He’s recently recovered from cancer as we will hear in a future programme but first, let’s start as all good stories do, at the beginning.

Marty’s story – A Jewish new-ager from Montreal finds Messiah

Marty writes, "Even as a Jew I accepted the narrative that the Church had replaced Israel as God’s chosen people. I was grateful for my background because it linked me to how my own people had been used by God in the past, but it no longer had significance for what God was doing in the present."

LISTEN: Interview with Brian Slater – serving the poor in Netanya

"Many people think Israel is a country full of rich people and are shocked to find out that the poverty level is very high. Brian runs a charity in Netanya and each week he runs a soup kitchen and prepares food packages that he delivers to poor families living in the city."

The amazing story of Yonatan Perry

Gil writes, "The following day I called Yonatan and heard an amazing testimony from him. Yonatan was raised in a national orthodox family... While surfing the web, he found a testimony of a messianic Jew and was shocked – How can a Jew believe in Jesus?!?"

Believing author ‘connects the dots’ of her life

Cliff writes, "Having recently read Connecting the Dots, "a true story of one woman's journey to find answers, connection and hope," I can add that it is extremely well-written, strikingly honest and bound to encourage and inspire anyone who, at times, has found life to be more than challenging."