Personal Stories

Testimonies, interviews, or articles that spotlight Israeli Messianic ministries or people that are part of the Messianic/Christian community in Israel.

LISTEN: Interview with Shira Sorko-Ram

Recently I met Shira Sorko-Ram in Tel Aviv. She and her husband Ari were two of the early Messianic believers in the land of Israel when they arrived over 40 years ago from America. They founded Maoz Israel, which is an umbrella for a great deal of support to other congregations and ministries across the land.

Reliving the miracle of Israel’s rebirth

Uzi writes, "I am counted as one of the first generation of Israeli Jews born in free Israel after the rebirth of a people 2,000 years in exile. What a privilege!"

Cliff Keller – Sunny Side Up!

A Kehila News Israel (KNI) writer recently launched his fourth novel, the retro-romance comedy Sunny Side Up!, now available for sale in paperback and Kindle versions at

Zvi Kalisher: Holocaust survivor, disciple of Yeshua

Zvi Kalisher, born Henryk Weichert, was an extraordinary man of God who found comfort and joy in his Lord Jesus Christ after losing his entire family and surviving extreme horror during the Holocaust in Poland.

To the Jew first: Jacob Damkani’s passion for evangelism  

Well known in Israel for his courage and passion to share the gospel, Israeli evangelist Jacob Damkani insists that Christians visitors to Israel can and should also boldly share their faith with the Jewish people.

Shai Sol’s testimony in music

Shai Sol writes, "Music, to me, is both a way to deal with things, and a reflection of a road that faith is at its center, leading to our father in heaven. Being a musician in Israel is extremely challenging, but I’m filled with faith and confidence that this is the road I need to be on."

From darkness to light: Israeli Messianic artist Shoshana Silver

Born in New York and raised in Miami with conservative Jewish parents and a religious grandfather, artist Shoshana Silver found her own path to...

Dreaming in the language of the prophets

Scott writes, "When my father spoke about faith, he pointed out that it was impossible to please God without it. He compared faith to a muscle and said that the more a Believer exercised their faith, the bigger it got."

Young, busy mother makes time to serve Holocaust survivors

"My name is Alona... Leaders from my congregation told me about the opportunity to work with Holocaust Survivors and I felt in my heart to serve in this area."

Building bridges through business and reflecting the life of Yeshua

In an interview with KNI, Cowen discussed aspects of his position as a Messianic Jew living in a secular Israeli society, and the opportunities he has had to be a positive influence in reflecting the life of Yeshua.