Personal Stories

Testimonies, interviews, or articles that spotlight Israeli Messianic ministries or people that are part of the Messianic/Christian community in Israel.

Celebrating 20 Years in Ministry: Home of Bible Translators & Scholars

Located in Jerusalem, the Home of Bible Translators (HBT) was founded in 1995 by distinguished Bible scholars Dr. Havor and Mirja Ronning. Celebrating its 20th year in ministry the school...

Pastor Eddie Santoro’s Post-Surgery Report and Prognosis

Sixteen days have passed since my surgery and we want to thank you for your faithful love, your support and prayers. The outpouring of...

HaTikvah Finalizing “Jaw-Dropping” Jerusalem Project: A Messianic Jewish Dental Clinic

In the very center of Jerusalem, just one road over from famous Ben Yehuda Street awaits HaTikvah Project's very first Messianic dental clinic. After signing...

Combating Prostitution in Israel: Jerusalem Institute of Justice

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ) is a non-profit organization founded by lawyer Calev Myers in 2004. The group works for the protection and...

Jewish Pop Star Finds Joy in Jesus

Just as the ‘swinging sixties’ started to gain momentum, a Jewish teenager from the East End of London took the pop world by storm with a string of hits. By early 1963 she was bigger than The Beatles. Who is this singer who later became a believer?

Update and Prayer Request for Messianic Pastor in Jerusalem

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015 the Messianic Pastor of Congregation Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem, Eddie Santoro underwent successful surgery to remove a tumor on the left side of his brain. We spoke to Eddie today and he said that the doctor informed him that the tumor is "probably cancerogenous".
yaakov damkani

Update: Israeli Messianic Leader Continuing to Recover from Heart Surgery

We praise God! Jacob is out of the hospital and now in rehabilitation. He still has a lot of pain, much to learn and...

Messianic Pastor Eddie Santoro’s Post Operation Report

We thank you and encourage you to continue to pray for Pastor Eddie Santoro. God has been faithful and hears our prayers! To read...

Messianic Internet TV: Bibleinteract.tv Links Israel and the World.

  The Messianic “movement “ has surged worldwide. Communities, assemblies and adherents have connected in ways that would have been time-consuming and difficult just a...

Messianic Jewish Israeli Makes an Emotional Impact at UMJC Conference

Stirring testimony of Shayna, a 23 year old Messianic Jewish woman serving in the Israeli Air Force, given at the annual conference of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations in Baltimore, MD on July 19, 2015.