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VIDEO: Program prepares young believers for army service

Matan shares about "Hetzim" (Arrows in Hebrew), a pre-military preparatory program for young people before they are drafted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)....

Eli Haitov: defending and worshipping the Lord

Some of us may know him from the Tents of Mercy congregation, some of us see his posts in the Messianic group on Facebook, some of us have heard a song from his album "Bou Elav" [Come to Him]. So who is Eli Haytov?

Whom shall I fear?

Yoel writes, "My brother Dan and I serve with an elite unit of combat engineers in the Israel Defense Forces. Given some of the battles we have been involved in, I consider it a miracle we are still alive."

Messianic soldier receives Israeli Presidential Award for Excellence

This year, Mark Lampert, a believer who attends a congregation in Beersheba, was one of the recipients of the Presidential Award for Excellence, given at the President's Residence in Jerusalem. KNI spoke with Lampert to find out more.

Update: Injured Messianic soldier’s condition improves, grateful for prayers

In February, KNI reported on David B., a Messianic Israeli soldier and worship leader who was injured in combat. Three months later, David enthusiastically agreed to share an update with us.

Messianic Israeli soldier, worship leader injured in attack near Nablus

A Messianic soldier was injured during an Israeli army operation early on Thursday morning near Nablus, the biblical city of Shechem, after an explosive device was thrown at a group of soldiers.

Terror, mourning and God’s hope: Messianic soldiers grieve after ramming attack

On January 8, 2017, another disaster struck our country when a truck driver in Jerusalem sped toward a group of cadets from the IDF officers school killing four. A number of believing soldiers served alongside the victims in various units.

Messianic soldiers respond to conviction of Israeli soldier

With so many opinions on Azaria's manslaughter conviction appearing on social media networks, many parallels have been drawn between this incident and stories in the scriptures. We collected a few comments from our Messianic soldiers in regular and reserve duty.

CBN Israel holds seminar for ex-soldiers

"Many of today’s young adults are lacking one very important aspect in their upbringing: A mentor... On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, CBN Israel was given that opportunity. Our staff was invited by Lech Lecha, an organization for ex-soldiers, to offer financial and spiritual counsel."

First prep course for Messianic Israeli soldiers a success

In response to a crisis of faith that many young adult believers experience during their mandatory army service, Messianic leaders and former soldiers established a program for young believers about to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.

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