Blog articles written by or about Israeli believing soldiers in the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) or any journalistic article related to the IDF.

Special Podcast: Memorial Day in Israel

Ron Cantor's special podcast on Memorial Day in Israel

Remembering Shai Kushnir: A Messianic Fallen IDF Soldier

As Memorial Day in Israel is about to begin, Yonatan reflects on the life of Shai Kushnir, a Messianic IDF soldier killed in 2014, and the meaning of his sacrifice and all of Israel's fallen soldiers.

From Boys to Men: A Mother’s Reflections

K.J. writes about the ceremony which marks the end of her sons commander's course in a Special Forces Unit: "These boys are those among the very committed. No one has to join a Special Forces unit. It takes dedication, perseverance and a desire to have one's service count."

A Messianic Soldier’s Testimony of Overcoming Leukemia

Hananya writes, "I recently attended a conference for Messianic soldiers. I heard Jonathan share his testimony and was amazed to hear how God healed him. I hope that this testimony will encourage you and strengthen your faith in God."
Messianic Soldiers Survey

Messianic Soldiers in the Israeli Army: Bolder than Ever about Their Faith

Kehila News Israel brings you the first published survey online of Messianic Jews serving in the Israeli army. From the survey results, it is clear that openness about Yeshua (Jesus) in the Israeli army is indeed the new “normal”.

WATCH: What’s it like to be a Believer in the IDF?

There's a growing number of Messianic soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. They boldly provide the light of Messiah in some very difficult circumstances. Watch this video by Hananya Naftali, who shares more of his experiences as a believer in the Israeli army.

Former Messianic Day School Student Stabbed by Terrorist

It was 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, December 27th when the radio news report announced that an Israeli soldier had been involved in a terrorist stabbing at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Who would’ve ever thought that it was Seth, a former Makor HaTikvah student?

What is it like as a Jewish Christian in the Israeli Army?

Hananya writes, "When I joined the army I decided to not be ashamed of what I believe in because that's part of me, and if those people around me are my new family then they should accept me the way I am.

Another Sleepless Night: Experience from a Believing Soldier in the IDF

Hananya, a Believing IDF soldier, shares a few thoughts as he's guarding in the rain, "standing on the wall" to protect Israel.

Inside View from a Messianic IDF Officer

Tal, an IDF officer in the Combat Engineering Corps, writes a personal update of his experience over the past year and what God has been teaching him.