Blog articles written by or about Israeli believing soldiers in the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) or any journalistic article related to the IDF.


VIDEO: Medic in the IDF

Hananya Naftali is a young believer who serves in the IDF. Here, he translates the oath all IDF medics must swear upon induction.

Volunteers in Israel: Marilyn Cano- Helping the Israeli Army

Marilyn Cano, 61, lives in Maryland near Washington DC.  She is a retired US Federal Government Paralegal who volunteers with the Israel Defense Forces...

VIDEO: Believing IDF Soldier Addresses 2014 Gaza War

After the UN and much of the world condemned Israel over alleged "war crimes" in the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict (Operation Protective Edge), Hanna, a young Believing soldier in the IDF felt like he had a new mission: share the truth with the world about what happened from the perspective of a soldier.

Israel Remembers 23,320

Today in Israel Memorial Day (Yom HaZicharon) and the nation remembers the 23,320 who have been killed in battle or terrorist attacks. In the past year, Israel lost 116 soliders including Shai First Sergeant Shai Kushnir who grew up in a youth group at a Messianic congregation in the Haifa area and was killed during the Gaza War last summer.

VIDEO: Believing IDF Soldier Explains the War in Gaza

Hananya Naftali a Believing soldier in the IDF wants to share his experiences fighting in Gaza to address misconceptions the world may have about the conflict.

Messianic Soldier Laid to Rest After Falling in Gaza

First Sergeant Shai Kushnir, who grew up in a youth group at a Messianic congregation, was killed during operations along the Gaza border. Messianic Jews around the country are mourning his death.