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Pray for the children of Israel

Aaron writes, "Purim is upon us and with it comes a lot of mixed emotions for me personally."

“Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart…” (Deut. 10:16)

Dan and Dalia write, "When we became believers in the year of 1991, one of the amazing things that happened to us was that God has given us love for non-Jewish people. This was an amazing revelation to our heart."

Genesis 1 – 12: Introduction

Howard writes, "Why study Genesis 1 – 12? The whole of the Bible is under attack from those who never believed it for what it is, and from those who have fallen from the truth they once held."

God’s glory

Moran writes, "This week’s parasha (Scripture portion) brings us to the end of Exodus (Shemot), in which God’s truly awesome glory is revealed to and dwells among the children of Israel."

To fill the hole inside of us

David writes, "Please pray with us that the people of Israel not become “fat and lazy” or “comfortable in Zion,” but rather be continuously provoked to walk into their prophetic calling."

The Netanyahu charges – character, hypocrisy and a million paper-cuts

Avner writes, "Regardless of the outcome of the elections, the judicial hearing and any subsequent legal developments, the Scriptures give us some meat to chew on about such matters."

[Israel 101] US embassy in Israel closes Palestinian affairs unit

Chava writes, "Is the closing of the Palestinian affairs unit in the U.S. embassy really the “final nail in the coffin” for US peacemaking efforts as stated by Palestinian official Saeb Erekat? Or is it an attempt at trying to combine diplomatic efforts into a more efficient operation?"

Towards unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

Howard writes, "For me it is not institutional reconciliation, but acceptance and reconciliation — with confession, repentance, and forgiveness having their necessary part for excluding those who do not meet our own or our denominations’ qualifications..."

Israel’s unsolved rift

Cody writes, "Let us continue praying for Israel’s division to be healed through union with their Messiah. And let’s keep agreeing and cooperating with Yeshua’s prayer in John 17 for oneness in His global body..."

Resting from the daily grind

Moran writes, "I marvel at God’s Word and the amazing wisdom and insight that it contains! In it, we find instructions that are relevant until today, and that enrich our lives when applied."