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Why the US and Israel were right to leave UNESCO

Shelley writes, "What disturbed Israelis about the UNESCO resolution was that it made Jerusalem’s Holy Basin an exclusively Islamic prerogative."

HOW? … “All Israel will be saved”

Ron writes, "This is an important question because this is the way in which “all Israel will be saved,” and that is really important to me!"

Standing together

Moran writes, "One of my favorite accounts in God’s Word is found in this week’s Parasha."

Let us go with you

Daniel writes, "It is crucial that Messianic Jews attain to an appreciation for the Church and seek to live in unity with all true believers. For this was the prayer of Yeshua."

[Israel 101] Explaining the Israel-Syrian-Iranian connection

Chava writes, "In order to understand the Israel-Syrian-Iranian connection, one has to explore the unusual and unlikely partnership between Syria and Iran and what each hopes to gain from it."

Intercessory Prayer (Part 1)

Asher writes, "In order to “pass on” the baton of intercessory prayer, I thought it would be good to try to summarize some of the essential aspects of prayer in a short article."

The Lamb of God

Moran writes, "The Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) are full of references that connect to Messiah, and point to His fulfillment of the perfect, unblemished Lamb."

Ideas – Good and evil

Elhanan writes, "For lack of a better word, and to avoid cliches and the pitfalls of misunderstanding, I will use the word Ideas to describe that which lays behind the concept of Good and Evil."

Don’t keep your hands to yourself—How to heal the sick

Ron writes, "There is much written about our calling to healing evangelism in the New Testament. In Mark 16, Yeshua lists five supernatural things that we are to do as believers. One of them is to lay hands on the sick and, it says, they will be healed!"

2 Peter 3: The day of YHVH is coming

Howard writes, "In these last days, Peter informs us by the Holy Spirit that people live in unbelief, without the fear of YHVH. We can see lawlessness increasing, with more violence and brutality as a consequence."