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God is here… Do you know it?

PARASHAT VAYEIZEI (AND HE WENT FORTH) BERESHEET (GENESIS) 28:10–32:3 In the Book of John, we read an account that becomes much clearer once we read our...

What was the religion of Jesus?

Elhanan writes, "Did Jesus ever have a Christmas tree, or go to church on Sunday? Did He ever denigrate the Law of Moses and tell people to stop keeping its precepts and commands?"


Guy writes, "What is the damage caused through hurt and unresolved issues? Anger, bitterness, resentment, and even physical pain and sickness are a few of the results we may experience when we’ve been hurt."

Messianic Jews are not Antisemitic!

Michael writes, "One of the mini-controversies to erupt in the wake of the horrific Antisemitic murders in a Pittsburgh synagogue was a candidate inviting a Messianic Jewish leader to pray at a campaign event... Afterwards, both in the media and on social media, Messianic Jews were characterized as Antisemitic."

2nd Peter – Introduction

2Pt 1:1-2 Simon Peter, a bondservant and apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who have obtained like precious faith with us by the righteousness of our...

But, it’s not fair!

Moran writes, "In our portion this week, we find a very interesting prophetic word that God gives to Rebekah, which helps explain the events that followed after the birth of Esau and Jacob."

Me too

Asher writes, "Everyone wants to do their own “thing” but nobody wants someone else to do his or her “thing” to them. They say, 'I have a right to do whatever I want.' They don’t ask, “'What is the right thing to do?'”

We must stand with and pray for the Christians of Egypt

Christians of Egypt just experienced a vicious terror attack. I met with the Coptic Pope and the head of the Egyptian Protestants on Sunday in Cairo in solidarity. Here’s an update.

Passionately pursuing our purpose

Simcha writes, "Dreaming is not about wishing ourselves into another life. It’s about thinking outside, and bigger than the constraints of our little world. It’s about finding God in places that are outside of ourselves and our tiny perspective."

Pray for the mayor of Jerusalem. And Haifa, Tel Aviv, etc.

Aaron writes, "Local officials like mayors can make life really difficult for our Believing brothers and sisters, or they can do the opposite."