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Apostles, Alignment, and that other “A” word (Part 4 of 5)

In part 4, Hannah writes about apostolic-prophetic accountability for the Lakeland alignment.

Commentary on Parashat Bamidbar (In the Desert)

Moran writes, "There are no short cuts, no other ways to reach God; it is only through Yeshua that we can have fellowship with the Father, and worship Him in spirit and in truth…"

Jerusalem – the joy of the whole earth?

Avner writes, "On Monday, May 14, Israel was the center of some powerful earth tremors. The following are some helpful perspectives on these events."

The great restoration

Benjamin writes, "All of this is part of the process of God's restoration of the whole church, both Jews and Gentiles in Messiah. He is preparing us to rule and reign with Him at His second coming in the Messianic Kingdom where the Messiah will be seated upon the Throne of David here on the earth in Jerusalem."

Temperatures are rising in the Middle East

Jamie writes, "After several years of relative quiet on Israel’s borders, things are heating up. There are three separate issues that are converging now that could lead to serious violence or possibly war."

Victory over the Enemy

Asher writes, "Just as we should be zealous to heal the sick and cast out demons, let us also be zealous to oppose demonic attacks on the community of faith as a whole."

The battle for language

Daniel writes, "We really have to create an alternative culture and education, and from this base invade the culture and fight the battle for language. This will require great prayer, evangelism and revival."

Commentary on Parashat Bahar (On the Mountain) and Bechukotai (In My Decrees)

Moran writes, "In this week’s reading, there is a very interesting connection between God’s instructions to Israel (through Moses on Mt. Sinai) for when they would enter the Land, and that which Yeshua would ultimately fulfill."

A perspective from a believer in northern Israel

Carolyn writes, "But let’s focus on the real reason for all of this. We, the Jewish people, have not followed our G-d but we’ve put our faith in the IDF, in America and political solutions, etc. and we have not turned to the G-d of Israel."

How to share Jesus with Israelis you meet

"If knowing Jesus has changed your life, the chances are that you will want to help others see how wonderful He is too. Perhaps you have come across Israelis where you live?"