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Horrors, proverbs and taunts; the lie is alive and well, for now

Cliff writes, "There is perhaps no better example of the current toxic global revival of all things antisemitic than the abundance of hateful and blatantly dishonest pseudo-news videos on social media which assault Israel’s ongoing struggle to defend itself against existential threats of terrorism."

Acts 3:19-21 – What does it mean?

Howard writes, "There are those who believe and teach and live as if the Apostle Peter preached that until we restore all things, the Lord Yeshua will not return; or else, that He will return after He has restored all things."

The power of knowing God

Sarah writes, "If you’ve walked any distance in this life, you will have gone through times where the circumstances didn’t line up with your personal understanding of the term 'blessing.'"

Commentary on Parashat Emor (Say)

Moran writes, "As I was reading this week’s Parasha (Scripture portion), two specific instances caught my attention because they connect to the amazing ministry of our Messiah while on earth..."

Apostles, Alignment, and that other “A” word (Part 3 of 5)

In part 3, Hannah writes about the role of prophets in apostolic alignment.

The miracle of Israel’s 70th anniversary

Liat and Asher write, "The regathering of the Jewish people is an event that was prophesied many times in Scriptures. It is hard to fathom that what we are seeing now was actually written about thousands of years before it happened."

Who will you worship?

Sarah writes, "It is astounding that of all the possible options, the final question asked of humanity at the end of the age and the earth as we know it now, is this, 'Who will you worship?'"

A case against Israel

Elhanan writes, "As our enemies daily declare our destruction and dispersion, with perhaps sufficient firepower to achieve their dark wish, we appeal this case before the Judge just as did Moses, Paul and Yeshua..."

The Israeli Supreme Court’s battle for power

Avraham writes, "For the proper changes to take place in the government, it may require that we get members of the supreme court as well as political leaders who care about doing what is right, rather than holding onto power."

Seven attributes of holiness

Asher writes, "One of the most important passages on holiness is the revelation Isaiah had of the glorified Messiah."