Israel & the Middle East

Articles related to current events in Israel other countries in the Middle East region.

Shabbat Shalom – The most eventful week in recent times is over

David writes, "The most eventful week in recent times in Israel is almost over and the Sabbath is about to begin."

Jerusalem – the joy of the whole earth?

Avner writes, "On Monday, May 14, Israel was the center of some powerful earth tremors. The following are some helpful perspectives on these events."

Is anybody getting the big picture?

Elhanan writes, "We have indeed woefully reached the epoch that Isaiah the Prophet describes... It is as the days of Noah. Better get on the ark."

Temperatures are rising in the Middle East

Jamie writes, "After several years of relative quiet on Israel’s borders, things are heating up. There are three separate issues that are converging now that could lead to serious violence or possibly war."

A perspective from a believer in northern Israel

Carolyn writes, "But let’s focus on the real reason for all of this. We, the Jewish people, have not followed our G-d but we’ve put our faith in the IDF, in America and political solutions, etc. and we have not turned to the G-d of Israel."

Horrors, proverbs and taunts; the lie is alive and well, for now

Cliff writes, "There is perhaps no better example of the current toxic global revival of all things antisemitic than the abundance of hateful and blatantly dishonest pseudo-news videos on social media which assault Israel’s ongoing struggle to defend itself against existential threats of terrorism."

The miracle of Israel’s 70th anniversary

Liat and Asher write, "The regathering of the Jewish people is an event that was prophesied many times in Scriptures. It is hard to fathom that what we are seeing now was actually written about thousands of years before it happened."

Pain amidst blessing

Stan writes, "Laughter, however, would suddenly give way to tears. Unbeknown to us, a terrible tragedy was unfolding down south."

A case against Israel

Elhanan writes, "As our enemies daily declare our destruction and dispersion, with perhaps sufficient firepower to achieve their dark wish, we appeal this case before the Judge just as did Moses, Paul and Yeshua..."

The Israeli Supreme Court’s battle for power

Avraham writes, "For the proper changes to take place in the government, it may require that we get members of the supreme court as well as political leaders who care about doing what is right, rather than holding onto power."