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South African opposition leader visits Israel

In what could be seen as flagrant disregard or an act of defiance, the leader of South Africa’s opposition party, Mmusi Aloysias Maimane, visited Israel just two days after the South African president called for a boycott of travel to Israel.

Paris Middle East Peace Conference endorses two-state solution

Representatives and officials from over 75 states and international bodies met in Paris on Sunday, calling for Israel and the Palestinians to resume negotiations and pursue a two-state solution to find a “just, lasting and comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Paris Peace Conference 2017- much ado about nothing?

Despite much stir leading up to the event, the one-day Paris Peace Conference of 2017 convened and ended on Sunday with mixed and contradictory reactions across the political spectrum from observers and attendees - and much blame for lack of peace on Israeli settlements.

European solidarity after Palestinian truck ramming in Jerusalem

It appears that the recent ramming atrocities in Nice and Berlin have caused Europeans to better understand, and identify with, the horrors that Israelis have been dealing with for many years.

Netanyahu: Paris conference rigged by the Palestinians with French auspices to adopt additional anti-Israel...

Neither Israel nor representatives from the Palestinian Authority are attending the event, Palestinian officials supporting and praising the conference with Israel rejecting and refusing to participate in the event.

Syrian Army reported Israeli airstrikes on Damascus airport early Friday

The Syrian Army reported that the IDF carried out airstrikes on a military airport west of Damascus on early Friday morning.

Israel to build world’s tallest solar tower

Israel is setting its sights high with the world’s tallest solar tower - 250 meters (820 feet) - to be completed in 2017 in the abundantly sunny southern Negev Desert.

UN Human Rights Council creating blacklist of Israeli companies in the West Bank

The United Nations Human Rights Council is reportedly compiling a list of Israeli enterprises from within the West Bank with efforts to blacklist such companies in the near future.

Blessed are the peacemakers: Encouraging coexistence in Israel

This fight for peaceful coexistence is visible on a national level when Jewish and Arab doctors work side by side to save their patients - both Jewish and Arab - and on the intimate levels of daily life.

Is it safe to visit Israel? First-time tourists speak out

Much of the world only knows Israel from what it sees on television news or reads on the Internet. That typically includes images of violence and words like "oppressed." But what's it really like in Israel?

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