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New Israeli law threatens inclusive education parents fear

The Israeli Knesset passed a bill into law last week that many critics fear will severely reduce the rights and support of children with special needs — and possibly be in contravention of international law.

200 rockets and mortars: Weekend flare-up on Israeli-Gaza border biggest since 2014

A tentative ceasefire that went into effect Saturday evening seemed to be holding Sunday, following the biggest flare-up with Islamic terror groups in the Gaza Strip since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

Israelis seek shelter during Shabbat rocket barrage in the South

Israelis in southern communities spent their Shabbat under siege as Hamas militants fired more than 170 mortar shells and rockets at Israel from early morning throughout the day.

Israel steps up earthquake preparation after series of tremors

In the wake of a series of low-magnitude earthquakes over the past several days, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said preparations to reinforce buildings and other infrastructure in the event of a major earthquake will continue, though at considerable cost.

Israeli military joins with Christian ministry to help Muslims victims of new Syrian crisis

Former IDF Lt. Col. Marco Moreno developed this "Good Neighbor Policy" several years ago. He now works with Frontier Alliance International, a Christian relief organization, coordinating operations with the IDF.

Israel responds to persistent ‘kite warfare’ and fires in south

A steady stream of incendiary kites and balloons flown over the border with Gaza over the past couple of months has silently destroyed thousands of acres of farmland causing millions of shekels worth of damage over the last few months.

Experts: Major earthquake expected soon in Israel

In the last few weeks, several earthquakes and 30 tremors have rattled northern Israel — with four on Sunday alone — prompting concerns that a major earthquake could occur here in the near future.

Australia stops direct funding to PA over ‘pay to slay’

Australia will no longer provide direct financial aid to the Palestinian Authority over concern that its funds could be used to support convicted terrorists and their families in what's become known as "pay to slay."

Southern Syria fighting creates new refugee, border crises; Israel sends aid

Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar Assad captured the strategic city of Daara as part of their offensive to take over southern Syria. The fighting has presented both difficulties and opportunities for Israel.

Israel graduates first female tank commanders

For the first time in the history of the Israel Defense Forces, four women will serve as IDF tank commanders, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday, the day they graduated from training.