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Are there differences between how American Evangelicals and Israeli believers view Netanyahu and his...

In the wake of our national elections, I did a series of interviews yesterday with American media outlets discussing the results, including with John Jessup and Jenna Browder, hosts of the “Faith Nation” program on the CBN News Network.

[Israel 101] Netanyahu wins again in the complicated world of Israeli elections

Benjamin Netanyahu has managed to win re-election as Israel’s prime minister, making this his fifth term. Spanning the course of 10 years, he is now the longest-running prime minister in the country’s history.

How renewed rocket fire affects the local body of believers

Kehila News Israel contacted a number of congregational leaders, both in Netanya as well as near the Gaza Strip to get their reactions on these new disturbing developments.

Gaza continues to launch rockets into Israel

Since last night, Israeli border communities have been bombarded by incoming rockets, with many a southern resident losing sleep as a result of the continuous Code Red sirens which warn them to take cover in their bomb shelters.

Rocket hits home in central Israel, children among the injured

Seven Israelis, including two toddlers, were injured when a rocket fired from Gaza landed in the living room of a home north of Tel Aviv during the early morning hours on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline: Israeli spacecraft takes off for the moon

Israel on its way to the moon, set to become the fourth country to soft land there; plus a historic economic forum...

ICEJ Tribute to Rabbi Eckstein

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem mourns the sudden passing of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and pays tribute to this unique pioneer and visionary of closer Jewish-Christian relations.

Interview about Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Paul Calvert questions Liz Kaufman who is staff veterinarian at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, about their conservation work and education programmes.

Seminar to raise awareness, give hope to families facing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

HaTikva Families, which is financially sponsoring the seminar, is working with Sharona Duchne who runs a wide-reaching online portal, Adoptive Wisdom, for any Israeli parents grappling with the challenges of adoption.

Hide and seek: archaeological discoveries of 2018 shed light on the Bible

"Like a game of hide and seek, it’s almost comedic how often priceless archaeological treasures pop up in this ancient land! And very often they bring a message or insight of some kind."