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Gala celebration marks 50th anniversary of reunified Jerusalem

Ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump's Monday arrival, Israelis kicked off the 50th anniversary celebration of the reunification of Jerusalem Sunday evening, with the Old City Walls providing a backdrop.

Netanyahu to Trump: Israel proud of growing and thriving Christian community

U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Israel on Monday afternoon, kicking off a 28-hour visit to the Jewish state with a warm reception at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Rueven Rivlin.

The long delay: Will the US Embassy ever move to Jerusalem?

A White House official told Reuters though President Trump wants to move the embassy to Jerusalem, he won't do it now since he feels it would complicate a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Jerusalem gears up for President Trump’s visit Monday

When U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in Israel tomorrow, he will have flown from Saudi Arabia on Air Force One, the first ever direct flight between the two nations which do not have diplomatic relations.

Israel and United States Air Forces conclude joint exercise “Juniper Falcon”

Israel’s Air Force and the United States Air Force finished a two-week aerial training in Israel over the weekend. Both countries took part in its annual training known this year as the “Juniper Falcon”, the exercises simulating mobile enemy targets and war scenarios.

TBN documentary seeks to explain ‘Why Israel Matters’

Why Israel Matters provides an honest and in-depth look at the country, demonstrating glorious things God has done in restoring the land and the Jewish people to it.

The story behind the Six-Day War’s most famous photo

Probably the most enduring image from the 1967 Six-Day War is a picture of three paratroopers at the Western Wall. Photographer David Rubinger took that picture and recorded many other moments in Israel's history. Rubinger passed away in March at the age of 92.

Filipino woman honored for service as IDF combat soldier

On Independence Day, the Israel Defense Forces honored Joana Chris Arpon, a Filipino woman who is neither Jewish nor Israeli, for her service as a combat soldier in Israel’s army.

60 million US Christians call on Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem

Some 60 influential American Christian leaders representing 60 million constituents wrote to U.S. President Donald Trump a week before his visit to Israel, asking him to uphold American law and to honor his promise to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.
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CBN documentary to commemorate 50th anniversary of Jerusalem unification

According to CBN's pre-release publicity, the documentary goes beyond simply providing clinical details of the military moves that comprised the battle.

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