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Israeli students discover ancient past to fund trip to Poland

What happens when Israeli high school students literally dig into their past, invest in their present and prepare for their future? That's the story behind hundreds of young Israelis who spent a week excavating a 2,000 year old Jewish village near Beit Shemesh.

Pence: President Trump will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish state...

United States Vice President Mike Pence delivered an address on US-Israel relations under the Trump Administration during the 2017 AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, highlighting Israel-US relations under the Trump Administration.

Netanyahu addresses AIPAC Policy Conference from Jerusalem

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington live from Jerusalem on Monday, addressing US-Israel relations, Iran, radical Islam and Israel’s achievements in technology, security and growing international relations worldwide.

Irish conference questions Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist

Cork City Hall and University College Cork in Ireland are hosting a conference that embraces and promotes criticism of Israel while questioning the nation's right to exists in the name of open debate and academic freedom.

Iran sanctions 15 US companies for Israel ties

Iran has placed sanctions on 15 American companies that support Israel, claiming they support terror and commit human rights abuses.

The still before the Hamas storm?

In the entire year of 2016, not one Israeli was killed in a terror attack emanating from the Gaza Strip, the head of the Internal Security Service noted on Monday, warning that this was not due to peace prospects.

Journalist changes opinion during fact-finding trip to Israel

A Canadian journalist, Faith Goldy, came to the Holy Land on a fact-finding mission but it developed into myth-busting when she discovered that what is portrayed by the mainstream media was not the reality she saw on the ground.

Bosnian president plants tree for hope in Jerusalem’s Grove of Nations 

While on an official visit to Israel this month the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mladen Ivanić, planted a tree in Jerusalem’s Grove of Nations as a symbol of his optimism for peace and as gesture of hope.

UN Human Rights Council passes five anti-Israel resolutions Friday

The resolutions were passed despite the United States vocally calling on the Council to end its anti-Israel efforts and threatening to leave the Council over the past two months, as well as votes against all resolutions from the United States on Friday.

Israel and Islam: Brit terror attack exposes stark contrast

Wednesday's deadly terror attack in London revealed the stark differences between how Israelis respond to terrorism, compared with supporters of the Islamic State.

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