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News articles and updates related to current events in Israel and local Israeli news that you may not hear about from the major media outlets.

Life under fire in Sderot

Paul Calvert hears the stories of two residents, and visits an Israeli police station witnessing shelves of rockets that have been fired from Gaza.

Netanyahu: Every individual is created in the image of God

A visibly moved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saluted the organization Shalva for caring for and treating many of Israel’s disabled.

Drive-by shooting leaves mother, premie baby, in critical condition

Doctors at Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Center said Monday the premature infant delivered after a drive-by shooter critically injured his mother Sunday has been put on a ventilator.

Christian-Jewish coalition urging Australian PM to move Embassy to Jerusalem

As reported in The Australian late Tuesday (4/12), a broad coalition of Jewish, Christian and civic groups have joined together in a petition calling on Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the nation’s Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The unexpected significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

"It was November, 1947. The learned professor studied the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls to try and ascertain if they were as important as he dared to suspect."

Israeli archaeologists discover Yeshua painted on stone

The discovery of Yeshua’s face in a Byzantine church in the Negev Desert shows a more Jewish Jesus than the long-haired Christ portrayed in later European art.

Builder of Noah’s Ark replica hopes to sail it to Israel

Dutch Christian businessman Johan Huibers plans to sail his life-size replica of Noah's Ark to Israel, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported last week.

Airbnb caves to BDS, removes West Bank settlement listings

Some 200 hosts are affected. Israel, in response, said it would try to restrict Airbnb in the country and also encouraged affected hosts to...

Understanding the tumultuous week of Israeli politics

A week of political unrest left Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a razor-thin majority in the Knesset which brings the government closer to the...

Miracle spares the lives of 50 Israeli soldiers

Minutes before the missile hit its mark, the bus was full,with 30 barely-passed-their-teens, IDF soldiers. They had no idea that any minute, their bus would become an inferno.