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CBN presents ‘In Our Hands’ at Christian Media Conference in Jerusalem

CBN CEO Gordon Robertson introduced "In Our Hands: the Battle for Jerusalem" to more than 100 international Christian journalists at Israel's first-ever, government-sponsored Christian Media Conference Tuesday.

Israeli Muslim couple hosts hundreds at their ‘Sukkah of Hope’

During the holiday of Sukkot, an Arab-Israeli Muslim couple built a large sukkah — traditionally only done by Jews — on their terrace and invited the public to come and enjoy live music, eat kosher and Arab cuisine and to engage in meaningful conversation.

Archeologist discover ancient Roman theatre next to Western Wall

Archeologists from the Israel Antiquity Authority confirmed the discovery of the first Roman public structure ever discovered in Jerusalem on Monday, an ongoing archeological dig still underway.

Israel hosts international Christian reporters, galvanizes evangelical support for Jewish state

Speaking at the first of its kind conference for Christian media sponsored by the Israeli government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told participants that Christians are Israel’s best friends.

Believers join Women Wage Peace march

The march was organized by the Israeli grassroots Women Wage Peace movement, and culminated in a rally of some 30,000 people in Jerusalem on Oct. 8. This year’s march was the second of its kind, the first having taken place last year.

Netanyahu commends Trump’s decisions on Iran, confirms Israel’s withdrawal from UNESCO

Speaking during his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday, Netanyahu commended President Trump and the United States for standing up for Israel in the United Nations after it officially announced its withdrawal from UNESCO last week, as well as President Trump’s decision to not recertify the Iran nuclear deal.

Reaction to US announcement of withdrawal from UNESCO

At the time of this writing, more than 2,600 comments, a number of which have anti-Israel overtones, have been posted in response to the Washington Post article regarding the U.S. withdrawal from the UNESCO.

Palestinian unity deal reached to ‘oppose Israel together’

In the wake of last week’s reconciliation deal between Hamas and Fatah, Hamas deputy political leader Saleh al-Arouri said the agreement was reached so that the Palestinians can oppose Israel together.

Beer Sheva’s capture in 1948 Independence War – Oct. 15-22, 1948

Beginning on Oct 15, 1948, Operation Yoav began with the mission of capturing Beer Sheva from the Egyptians, and open up the way to the entire southern desert.

Christian pilgrims take ‘In Our Hands’ to the ends of the earth

This year's biblical Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Israel also marks the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, when Jerusalem was re-united under Israeli sovereignty. And CBN'S docudrama "In Our Hands" is taking festival goers back in time for that amazing story.

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