Archeological Discoveries

News articles about archeological discoveries in Israel.

Archeologist discover ancient Roman theatre next to Western Wall

Archeologists from the Israel Antiquity Authority confirmed the discovery of the first Roman public structure ever discovered in Jerusalem on Monday, an ongoing archeological dig still underway.

Jewish artifacts among loot seized by Egyptian authorities

A passenger en route to Saudi Arabia was stopped by authorities in Cairo for attempting to smuggle archaeological relics — including Jewish items — from the North African country into the Middle East.

Phenomenal find from Israel’s Byzantine past near Jerusalem’s Old City

Just north of Jerusalem’s Old City, a project to bring modern, high-tech infrastructure to the area led to an unexpected and extremely unique discovery of an ancient artifact: an almost unblemished mosaic from the sixth century.

The Canaanites were real – and they’re living in Lebanon!

"To everyone’s amazement, scientists have been able to extract DNA from the remains of ancient Canaanites buried in the Lebanese city of Sidon some 3,700 years ago – and they have made an astonishing discovery."

Turning up treasures in the disciples’ hometown, Bethsaida

"As odd as it might seem, archaeologists have not been able to positively identify Bethsaida, home to Yeshua’s disciples, Peter, Andrew and Philip, until just now!"

The lost city of Bethsaida now found?

Unlike Plato’s mythical city of Atlantis that will never be found, the location of the biblical city of Bethsaida — which is quite real — has remained a secret of time, begging to be found.

Archaeologists unearth Roman era stone water pots near Biblical Cana

Israeli archaeologists are excavating a 2,000-year-old stone quarry and production center for stone vessels not far from the ancient city of Cana where Jesus performed his first recorded miracle, turning water into wine.

Jerusalem archaeological discovery proves Biblical account of Babylonian conquest

In 2017, the ninth of Av falls on Aug. 1 and just days before this mournful day on the Jewish calendar, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced new discoveries from the time of Nebuchadnezzar II that definitively confirm the biblical accounts of that fateful calamity in Israel’s history.

Archeologists uncover new evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem

Israeli archeologists have unearthed findings dating back to Babylonian conquest and destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

Future archaeologists excavate 2,700-year-old reservoir

It's been said Israel is 50 miles wide, 300 miles long and 3,000 years deep. How would you like to dig into some of those 3,000 years? That's what some Israeli high school students majoring in Land of Israel and Archaeology studies are doing this summer.

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