Archeological Discoveries

News articles about archeological discoveries in Israel.

Earth Discarded from Temple Mount Yields Treasures

The Sifting Project is a one-of-a-kind archaeological project that continues to yield priceless historical information from a site that has never before been excavated. Read more about the most recent discovery.

Egyptian Scarab Seal found at Tel Dor in Northern Israel

A birdwatcher, Alexander Ternopolsky, has discovered a rare scarab seal belonging to an Egyptian official of considerable rank in the Thirteenth Pharaonic Dynasty (18th-17th centuries BC) at Tel Dor on the Carmel Coast of northern Israel.

Rare Gold Coin from Roman Period Found in Northern Israel

While on a hiking tour in the Galilee, Laurie Rimon, a resident of Kfar Blum, found a 2000 year-old gold coin from the Roman period. According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, this find is "rare on a global level".

Seal of King Hezekiah Found in Excavation by Temple Mount

In an excavation next to the Temple Mount, a team of archeologists discovery a seal bearing the name of Hezekiah, King of Judah.